purple aurora seeds

Purple aurora seeds

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Purple Aurora specifications

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About Purple Aurora seeds

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Purple aurora seeds

It is not unusual to experience the typical red or dry eyes as well as a cottonmouth. After all, it does have cannabinoids that interfere with the body’s natural ability to produce moisture which can be remediated with water. Although it goes away with time, users should be wary of this herb. The psychoactive traits are not overwhelmingly intense cerebrally but, coupled by a couch lock and a heightened sensitivity toward one’s surroundings, can trigger anxiety nonetheless.

Purple Aurora is a compact plant that grows up from 30 cm to 60 cm making it an ideal to an indoor grow room. Of course, this is not to say the plant will not thrive outdoors. On the contrary, its Ruderalis genes provide it added resistance to the cold, fluctuations in temperature, and humidity. Not to mention, it flowers quickly too.


A relative newcomer to the cannabis scene, Purple Aurora is not one to sit around and wait as other Indica-dominant hybrids rise in the ranks. It is a head-turner with a striking bag appeal and mesmerizing flavors. But, it is its spellbinding high that captures the hearts of many as it is both energizing and serenely therapeutic.

Once it is ready for harvest, expect beautiful purple leaves with dense green buds covered by a thick layer of trichomes and orange pistils after a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Indoors, it typically yields in the range of 600 grams of buds. In gardens or farms, flowers typically weigh at least 700 grams of buds per plant.

Medical Use and Benefits

Apart from promoting positive vibes and instilling a deep sense of happiness, it is also a potent analgesic capable of significantly reducing or wiping out tensions from the body and the muscles. Together with its painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, it provides a reprieve from the ill-effects of uncontrollable cramps or spasms and headaches. At the same time, it also reinvigorates the body to free it from fatigue.

Purple aurora seeds

Salad greens are usually picked at an immature size and coaxed into regrowing several times. They are a perfect choice for container gardening, as long as a good soil mixture is in place. Continue reading below for some good general tips on how to grow mescluns and salad greens.

Matures in 21 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Quick Facts:

Seed every three weeks from just before the last frost date until the end of summer for a continuous harvest. Provide frost protection with a cloche or heavy row cover when frost looms in the fall. Many mesclun types and mixes will continue to grow all winter where winters are mild.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Plant Triple Purple Orach Organic seeds for the very darkest of all salad greens. This orach variety loves hot weather, and keeps its profound colour while many other greens have gone pale. The succulent savoyed leaves have a refreshing and faintly salty taste that combines beautifully in summer salads. Orach is a cousin of amaranth and quinoa, and it will produce vaguely similar seed heads if left to mature. But orach is better as a baby salad green, and more interesting as such than either amaranth or quinoa. The saltiness of its flavour makes it very distinctive. Your guests will want to know how you grew it!