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Power plant seeds

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Power plant seeds

Its a variety that produces heavier than average harvests, whether in the hands of new growers or experienced ones. Today there is a good choice of high quality and THC rich marijuana seed varieties. But many of them are average yielders and some offer only modest harvests. Power Plant is a variety selected for heavy home grown cannabis harvests. Its a fast variety to grow too, often ready to harvest a week or too before other similar-yielding varieties.

Power Plant is also a versatile and tough cannabis seed variety, numerous seed companies have used these genetics in their projects. This Power Plant grow review shows how she was grown from seed to harvest under 12/12 light in 80 days. Normally a photoperiod variety would need around 4 weeks of vegetative growth under 18/6 light. But Power Plant is able to grow with a strong central bloom and decent harvest quantities thanks to the heavy yielding genetics.

Feminized cannabis seeds with XL yields

Power Plant has always produced cannabis with a great quality smoking/vaping experience. The dominant sativa genetics give a happy, feel-good high. The buds have a rich and aromatic aroma, with a pleasant stickiness to them.

Indoor and outdoor home growers

In this recent Cannabis Cup win at the Lift expo in Canada, a grower selected a heavy yielding and potent Power Plant phenotype known as the “Heisenberg Cutting’. Some of the high performance Power Plant specimens can be difficult to beat in terms of the quality and quantity of bud production. 20 years after she was first introduced Power Plant is still available in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, often referred to as PP (Power Plant) or PPP (Pure Power Plant). Power Plant seeds are available in regular cannabis seeds or feminized weed seeds.

Power plant seeds

“I grew from regular seed and got 54% male plants. The EC (electrical conductivity) of feed was kept low since pure sativas are generally light feeders. Starting EC was 0.2, and final EC was 0.6, pK 13/14 was substituted for nutrients for the last 4wks of flower. Canna flower boost was also used @1ml/ltr to facilitate pK uptake into the flowers. Rootball temperature had a minimum 21ºC and a maximum of 28ºC. I find that sativa dominant varieties are not troubled by higher temperatures. ”

“This growing method (grown from start to finish under 12/12 lighting) delivers superb efficiency saving 21 days of vegetive growth under 18/6 veg light and reducing water loss through evaporation. I used half the usual water with this method, and therefore less nutrient. The 3.5 litre pots are much easier to rotate 180 degree’s daily and move around than larger containers. Due to the 3.5 litre container size I flushed the plants for 2 days with pure water every 10 days. This helped to keep any un-used salts/minerals down to a minimum. ”

“70 days after germination around 80% of trichomes where very milky. So i could have harvested them at that point. However I gave them 85 days until the trichomes were 30% amber. Starting the grow under 12/12 allows you to start your next crop of seedlings in the same tent as the maturing plants. It saves time and electricity. This fast grow system allows you to harvest 4-5 times in 365 days using a 12/12 regime.”

Growing method

Power Plant remains one of Dutch Passions most appreciated genetic contributions in recent decades. This weeks blog is about a Power Plant grow review. A customer grew his Power Plants from seed to harvest under a 12/12 light system in 3.5 litre pots in just 85 days averaging around 50g harvest per plant.

“Sativa dominant varieties seem to like this grow method, I had 4 plants which reached 1.2m tall but most were 80-90cm. The trim waste all went into one bag ! Its a very low waste growing method since there isn’t a lot left over ! 12/12 from seed is a great way of controlling the ‘sativa stretch’ height issues. This stretch can be 2metres+ in 15 litre containers in normal grow situations.”

70 days after germination

Dutch Passion Power Plant has been a best-seller since the 1990’s, she’s a South African sativa with heavy yields and fast growth, but she is probably most appreciated for the hard-hitting knockout smoke. As one of our original legendary varieties we offer this variety in both regular and feminized seeds. The following comments and pictures in the grow diary come from Automaster, his original diary is here.

Above and below. Power Plant grown under a 12/12 light cycle, a fast way to grow.