platinum wreck seeds

Platinum wreck seeds

The big buds that blossom from Platinum Wreck are practically dripping trichome dust as soon as you pick them up with your fingers. This sativa-dominant cannabis plant oozes with the sweet and sour scents of lemon and apple slices, and when smoked it tastes earthy with notes of sweet pine.

Potential side effects from Platinum Wreck include cottonmouth, dizziness, red eyes, and some anxiety.

Lab Data

This strain offers an energetic, uplifting high that, for some people, may get the mind racing and the feet pacing. It is recommended for treating ADHD, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Some say they find that it also helps with muscle spasticity, exhaustion, fatigue, and day to day stress. It is recommended for morning or daytime use, and should only be smoked at night by those prepared to stay up an extra few hours.

Genetic Lineage

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Platinum Wreck is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain. It was created through crossing the insanely powerful Platinum OG X Trainwreck strains. Furthermore, like its Platinum parent, Platinum Wreck has a jaw-dropping gorgeous appearance. However, each elegantly tapered nug is completely coated in a thick frosty layer of tiny silver crystal trichomes.

Almost immediately after you taste the last bit of apple, you’ll feel a cerebral rush of focus and energy. Furthermore, this will lift your spirit and leave you feeling creative and giggly. These euphoric effects of this strain lift you higher and higher, leaving you feeling as light as air. Also, will leave you completely relaxed, free of any mental pains.


This lifted effect will slowly seep throughout the rest of your body infusing it with a tingly relaxing effect. Moreover, it won’t weigh you down or ebb your flow of energy.

As you break apart each sticky little nugget, you can detect sweet tangy aromas of sweet lemons. Also, you can detect apples with an earthy overtone. The flavor is just as intoxicating, with sweet citrus and earth. These are accented by tangy Granny Smith Apple on each smooth exhale.

With a little help from Platinum Wreck marijuana seeds, users can buckle down and focus on the task at hand. This euphoric sativa-dominant hybrid is known to elevate concentration, motivation, appetite, and a positive attitude.


With a little help from Platinum Wreck, users can experience a boost in focus and concentration. Whoever said stoners were braindead surely never tried this stuff! Platinum Wreck can actually help users get work done and tackle their to-do list with an added dose of energy and positivity. This strain is also helpful among those who deal with anxiety, pain, and appetite loss.

There’s a great deal of mystery surrounding the Platinum Wreck marijuana strain. A lot of aspects are still unknown, including the original breeder of this strain, as well as its THC and CBD percentage. What we do know about Platinum Wreck, however, is that it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with euphoric and cerebral effects. As a member of the sativa family, Platinum Wreck is best enjoyed during the daytime when your brain is most active anyway.