planet of the grapes seeds

Planet of the grapes seeds

With its 25% cannabinoids concentration with mostly THC, Planet of the Grape Auto offers a very pleasant feeling, both stimulating at the cerebral level and relaxing at the physical level. It is ideal for a pleasant time, chatting with friends or to rest after an intense day.

Novice growers looking how to cultivate a cannabis auto-flowering plant have an excellent option with Planet of The Grapes Auto. A strong auto-flowering strain, which adapts very well to various challenges that may arise during a marijuana cultivation. It adapts to any type of cultivation and can grow well in any environment.

It is easy to control and does not grow too big. Depending on the phenotypes and growing conditions, the full cycle takes about 70-90 days from germination. Flowers are compact and bright with a large amount of resin. The buds display a green and shiny colour, certainly extremely attractive and irresistible.

Planet of the Grapes Auto offers delicious terpenes with a high concentration of up to 25% of cannabinoids, producing particularly compact and resinous buds.

Planet of the Grapes Auto, an all-terrain autoflowering cannabis strain

Alchimia is pleased to present Planet of the Grapes Auto by Ethos Genetics, an easy to grow auto-flowering strain ready to harvest after just 90 days from germination. It is now available in our auto-flowering cannabis seeds catalogue.

The terpenes concentration is impressive, with a very sweet background that offers red fruit flavours with a grape predominance. These flavours are based on a powerful Diesel charge, typical of Kush strains with earthy and sweet undertones.

Planet of the Grape Auto, the great adventure

Planet of the grapes seeds

Most potent smell I’ve had, carbon filter doesn’t even catch it all. Smells like grape soda

This is my favorite strain. I hope you really enjoy it. It looks great so far!

Looks amazing can't wait to folwer! How's the smell?

Thanks! 5th full grow now and I’m starting to feel confident about it.

Looking JUICY!! Nice job!!

5 weeks veg, coco/perlite 60/40ish, FF nutes, 200-700ppm, 400w COB LED.

· 2 yr. ago

I’m running 5 different ethos strains.. hoping for the best!

Is it just 1 plant under that 400w COB?