pitbull seeds

Pitbull seeds

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Pitbull specifications

Loving this even more than I thought I would! Gotta be in my top 10 or maybe even 5 strains. This hits hard and fast and has a very narcotic type knock you out feeling. First time I had this I actually went to bed with my cell phone wireless headset wrapped around my neck. Lol! And didn’t even realize it until I woke up the next morning. Yep, this one knocks me for a nice loop.

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Juana Leiva from Sierra Leone

Pitbull seeds

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Not surprisingly, the strain description given is inaccurate since the entire plant turns so purple they are almost black in appearance. In addition, 9 out of 10 users report the high as uplifting and motivational. So, there appears to be some mystery surrounding the strain. It also does best flowering for at least 10 weeks but can be a challenge since she is very susceptible to bud rot due to a relatively leafy bud structure. But she yields a huge amount of densely sugar coated trim that makes an incredible golden hash.

Pitbull Gallery

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Pitbull was bred in the early 2000s by U.S. seed company Stoney Girl Gardens as a cross between P-91 and their own award-winning Sugar Plum. This mostly indica strain has an extremely quick flowering time at 6-7 weeks. Just like the dog breed it’s named after, this plant is tenacious, making it a versatile grower indoors or out that produces high yields. Buds will be light green and fragrant, smelling of tropical fruit with earthy, skunky notes. Pitbull’s taste is also fruity and its indica buzz hits fast and hard.

Map of the Pitbull Descendants

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Pitbull seeds

Finally, long nights of sleep no longer have to be wishful thinking for those who are sleep-deprived as this strain can grant even insomniacs a much-needed rest.

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Commanding and provocative, a rich, earthy base of musk, oakmoss and a natural hint of sweetness from pine cones are balanced precariously against a fearless top layer of skunkiness. Indeed, it is a rather grounding palate, but a pungent kick towards the end make this a bold fragrance altogether.

This doesn’t mean that beginners should indulge too much though, as the heavy body stone may still cause panic, especially to those who are intolerant to such strong effects. Moreover, experiencing some dryness in the mouth and eyes are the two most common reactions in almost any variant. This is quite easier to handle though, and while the thirst persists throughout the high, users can ease the minor discomfort by drinking lots of water to keep hydrated.

Medical Use and Benefits

It is a quick plant that boasts of a flowering time of 6 to 7 weeks. It yields an average of about 450 to 550 grams per square meter, which is quite a bang considering the short time span it took.

Additionally, it grows into a vibrant, vigorous plant that is resistant to common molds, mildews and mites. When taken indoors, it grows into a branchy plant with close nodes. Buds also sport a medium density with fan leaves that spread far and wide, as such; pruning is required to keep it at a bushy stature.

Pliable and obedient, Pitbull is actually quite a delight for home-growers. Moreover, its instinct for survival makes this ideal for novices looking to try their hand at growing their own stash. One of the few posing challenges may be the lack of knowledge on its suitable growing conditions, but regardless, its tenacity is appreciated both indoors or out.

Odor and Flavors

While it doesn’t quite drown the mind in a trippy tycoon, it triggers happy hormones to take over and prompt bouts of senseless giggles. As such, those coming home from a stressful day at work can expect a warm welcome from this loyal bud.

Of course, the strain’s well-loved qualities shine through as a full-bodied stone comes trailing soon after. With such an impressive potency, it can easily crush physical agonies into a fine powder.