pink mango seeds

There aren’t many foods that sound more appealing than a pink mango, and the cannabis strain by this name is a hybrid that is sativa-dominant and a cross between Grapefruit, Blueberry and Blackberry strains. Not only does this strain smell delightful, it also provides a high that can be described as energetic and positive.

Much like its whimsical and tasty sounding name, Pink Mango exudes positivity and relaxation and is best enjoyed well before bedtime.


What users can expect to happen next is that some physical tingling may occur, slowly moving down through the body until it is fully relaxed. Users won’t have to worry about being immobile once this happens, though, as many have enjoyed working out, dancing, or even intimate activities alongside Pink Mango. It’s probably best to enjoy Pink Mango well before bedtime, so it doesn’t keep you awake.

Luckily for many cannabis enthusiasts, Pink Mango won’t take too long to make its effects known. Users may experience some pulsing sensations in the forehead and a blush in the cheeks is not an uncommon occurrence when imbibing in Pink Mango. Thinking may also be altered, letting users become immersed in their ideas and allowing for brainstorming to reach new heights. Some people even note feeling especially inspired with Pink Mango, but others simply enjoy the pleasant vibes this strain provides.

Medical cannabis patients might enjoy its effects on depression or stress, or its anti-inflammatory effects (or even its ability to fight lack of appetite by creating an urge to snack!).

Pink Mango Gelato, bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds is an indica dominant hybrid, with its genetic parents being, White Widow x Somango & Pink Gelato.

This medium sized plant must not be underestimated, with THC levels of between 18 – 23% and a short flowering time of just 6 – 8 weeks. The medium to large yield will keep cultivators happy for some time. The strain has an incredibly balanced body and mental effects. As Somango being a dominant parent, the creeping body high takes shape in the arms, legs, eyes and the temple area. However, on the other hand, the White Widow comes in shortly after with cerebrally energetic euphoria that compliments the couch-lock you will be unable to avoid. The famous flavours of Somango are still very present in this hybrid as the sweet mango tantalizes the taste buds and a distinct skunky, earthy flavour.