pickens mtn. purple seeds

Pickens mtn. purple seeds

Supplies for some varieties are very limited and we expect to sell out quickly. Check our web page for updates on availability. With the increased interest in heirloom varieties we are happy to assist Dr. Bradshaw’s efforts to preserve these irreplaceable garden seeds. If you have an heirloom variety of your own and would like to share it, write to: SCCIA, C/O SC Foundation Seed Assoc.,1162 Cherry Road, Clemson, SC 29634.

Black Cornfield Beans

From the mountains of East Tennessee, the seed came from the Dyke family in Cocke County, Tennessee. Generally grown as a fall pea in the corn field. Good when consumed as a fresh green field pea or dried for winter storage. Much like the gray crowder pea.

Turkey Crowder Pea

Source: Anne Diedre Jacobs, Georgetown , SC. This okra has been maintained in the Jacobs family since the mid-1800’s. As the name implies, it has been grown in the Choppee area of South Carolina near Georgetown . This area is named after Native Americans indigenous to this area. Because okra readily cross pollinates, it should not be grown in close association with other okra varieties.

Pickens mtn. purple seeds

Pickens Mountain Cannabis Farm is the largest, legal, completely off grid cannabis farm in the United States and located in Washington State. Pickens Mountain Cannabis Farm is licensed by the State of Washington and operating under the I502 recreational cannabis licensing rules and regulations. Washington States finest sungrown , pesticide free cannabis and concentrates. Please follow my blog to keep up with everything Pickens Mountain Cannabis related. I will be posting detailed information and pictures from the farm and the processing center showing the entire grow process from start to finish and the processing and extraction of the highest grade cannabis concentrates.

Pickens mtn. purple seeds

Butterflyweed, Asclepias tuberosa – Flowers nectar source for Tiger, Spicebush, Eastern Black, Pipevine, Swallowtail Butterflies, Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly. Larval plant for Monarchs.

Red Buckeye, Aesculus pavia – Flowers used by hummingbirds, bees

Crossvine, Bignonia capreolata – Deer browse, flowers visited by hummingbirds


Atamasco Lily, Zephyranthese atamasco

Devilwood Osmanthus, Osmanthus americana – Fruits eaten by birds and small mammals

Wild Indigo, Baptisia spp. – Early succession, birds, bees, nitrogen fixer

Persimmon, Diospyros virginiana – Fruits eaten by many mammals, bees, butterflies