peppermint cookies seeds

Thin Mint is a particular pheno-type of Girl Scout Cookies which was bred by crossing a Durban Poison F1 with OG Kush. A lovely display of dark green and purple colours shows through its thick coating of resin near to harvest. It is an indica-dominant strain (60%) that gives an effect more like a sativa.

Thin Mint GSC takes 9 weeks or so to flower indoors and can also be grown outdoors, where the climate is warm, or in a greenhouse in slightly cooler regions. Plants grow to be 75 – 175 cm. tall. Yields are not enormous, although certainly decent, but the quality of the finished product is compensation enough. A scent of mints will permeate the grow space hence the origin of its name.

Earthy, sweet flavours of mint are clearly noticeable on the palate. It gives a very euphoric, happy and relaxing effect and it’s no wonder that medical patients report relief from depressive moods and stress/anxiety calmed. Even so smokers report the absence of heavy, sluggishness that can result from indica-dominant weed strains.

Peppermint cookies seeds

In addition to its potent effects and taste profile, this strain offers users several greatly-touted benefits.

Its original breeders, Gold Leaf Gardens, based in Washington, haven’t divulged this interesting tidbit. What is clear to most, however, is that this strain typifies GSC in many ways.

What Is the Peppermint Cookies Strain?

Cannabis lovers that are looking for the next big thing may find it with Peppermint Cookies. This cannabis type isn’t a run of the mill strain. It’s a pure indica with a punchy high that uplifts and relaxes. It also boasts some intense flavor notes that many cannabis lovers enjoy.


Many users also report that this strain has a long-lasting effect, making this perfect for winding down after a hard day. It is also a popular option for those looking for a shift in disposition. For instance, fans of this strain state it induces euphoria and happiness. This may prove an excellent way to stave off feelings of stress and melancholy.