pc case weed grow box

Pc case weed grow box

Our forum search engine isn’t very intuitive so I would search only the titles with no other filters and use a couple of different keyword for both the PC and Grow Box. you will find every thread that uses any on the words you input so try to limit it as much as possible — for instance "PC Grow Box" will give you every thread with any one of the three keywords. You can imagine what happens when you add things like any ideas or help. You will probably learn more by searching for those threads than I can ever suggest.

and this is what ya end up with

Hamster Lewis

Well I got one thing to say.

Why buy your CFLs from IKEA instead of one of the home improvement centers like Home Depot or Lowes? Is it because you aren’t in the US or Canada and don’t have Home Depots or Lowes where you are? My drafting skills are pretty limited but if you want me too, I’ll try to make a diagram for you to illustrate what I mean. I can conceptualize much better than I can draw it out.

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What height from the top of the pots did you put your chicken wire? (looks to be about three inches) Did you have it in from the start, or did you only put it in after the plants reached that height?

Pc case weed grow box

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