big apple seeds

"Agriculture and seeds" provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative, we pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. Watering: … Read more

growing cannabis indoors without artificial light

Your other option is to use a courtyard. These spaces are generally protected from most of the elements. You won’t have to worry about the wind tearing your plants to pieces and you could always put up temporary shade netting if you are afraid of hail. You could have all the space in the world … Read more

how do you get marijuana seeds

The difference between male and female seeds is important for growers. To get big harvests of smokable buds, you want only female plants. Male plants, on the other hand, can cause a lot of problems as they will pollinate the female flowers, which makes the buds produce seeds. While some people argue for the usefulness … Read more

apple sundae seeds

+44 (0)113 245 7847 Expect large resin returns. We accept the following payment methods: New & Popular Mon – Fri: 10am – 5pm Large Yielding flowers with green apple and tropical fruit terpenes. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register UK DELIVERY – only £10.00 for orders below £250 We accept … Read more

gooey mendo haze seeds

One of the great things about cannabis is that it’s incredibly diverse in its effects. The Old Mendo Haze cannabis strain reputedly creates the exact opposite effects that your stereotypical strain produces. Instead of feeling hungry, lethargic, or sleepy, Old Mendo Haze effects have been reported to create a strong cerebral buzz. This means that … Read more

everything about growing weed

Before you get started growing, you’ll need to see if you even can grow in your state. Below is a list of states in which it is legal to grow your own marijuana at home, both states with medical and adult-use legal status. If your state does not appear on this list, it is not … Read more

extreme og seeds

This Extreme OG strain has the indica dominant variety with THC levels of 28 percent. The CBD level is 1 percent average. Extreme OG is related to the following strains; Fire OG and Green Ribbon consisting of 70% indica and 30% sativa. Extreme OG will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate … Read more

growing marijuana outside in arizona

The Outdoor Grow Hut’s patentable design presents a secure structure with limited visibility of the inside plants, but also allows a high degree of sunshine to reach the plants and provides natural air circulation. To view the original version, visit: With 5 years of experience in growing medicinal marijuana plants, company co-founder, Dante Schettino, … Read more

fruit pie seeds

2. Press mixture into a 9-in. pie plate. The crust will be nearly 1/4-in. thick. Refrigerate a couple of hours before using. If mixture does not ball up, add a few Tbs. apple juice, of water. 1. Grind the seeds, nuts, and coconut to a fine meal in a food processor. Add fruit and process, … Read more

el chapo og seeds

El Chapo burst onto the North London scene in 2015 having been created by crossing Sour Diesel IBL and Headbanger, the latter a cross between Sour Diesel and Biker Kush. El Chapo resulted from a rigorous pheno-typical selection. This strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. In the former environment flowering will last … Read more