pacific blue seeds

Pacific blue seeds

You can pay for your order using the following methods: mail, Bitcoin, Zelle (in the US), or Interac eTransfer (in Canada). PSB does not take credit cards and they also do not accept payment using PayPal.

Speaking of guarantees, ILGM also has a better germination guarantee than PSB. They guarantee 100% germination, which is unheard of. No other store offers this.

ILGM does offer more payment options. And while the two stores have similar pricing, ILGM runs a lot more sales, and they have a loyalty program. This means you can usually get a better deal on their store.

Stealth Shipping

The guarantee only applies to seeds purchased within the past 60 days. If you buy some and leave them lying around for months, they will not be eligible for replacement.

When paying by mail, you can’t send cash like with some other shops. They only accept cashier’s or certified check or money order. If you pay using one of these methods, they will throw in a free 3-pack of seeds.

Great Website

Their website navigation makes it easy to zero in on exactly the type of plant you are looking to grow, but they do not have a direct link to a page showing the most popular seeds. However, you can sort any screen by the most popular. For example, the button below takes you to their most popular autoflower seeds.

Pacific Seed Bank is headquartered in Europe, but they have distribution centers in the US and Canada. This means fast shipping times, especially to the US. They ship all over the world, however, but not for free.

Pacific Blue is a cannabis strain that hails from the Pacific Northwest region, where it was developed as a cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. The THC concentration in Pacific Blue will definitely impress, as it clocks in at around 28 percent!

If you’re in need of some true, deep relaxation and tuning out your thoughts, Pacific Blue might be just the strain that you’re looking for.


This powerful strain is perhaps best known for the intense body relaxation it provides. You can expect a bit of a mood boost, but that’s definitely not the selling point of Pacific Blue. In fact, as this strain works its magic on the body, the mind will actually take on a bit of haziness. For this reason, experts recommend Pacific Blue be used exclusively at nighttime or on a day where you don’t have anywhere to be or anything on your to-do list.

Pacific Blue might be a good choice for sometong dealing with chronic pain or stress, and it has even been noted to have increased arousal in some users.