outdoor hydroponic weed grow

Outdoor hydroponic weed grow

The systematic review explored 36 case studies on cardiovascular health and found that many of the drugs used to treat heart conditions have the potential to interact with marijuana.

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Marijuana advocacy groups and the American Lung Association are warning about a link between marijuana smoking and a higher risk of serious infection from COVID-19.

“I think if you want people to stay indoors and not go out and not interact with a lot of people? Pot's a pretty good thing to have,” a Seattle-based dispensary owner said.

Pot stores see sales climb amid COVID-19 outbreak: 'You can’t take these things away from people in times of stress'

Marijuana sales soared in 2020, from $10 billion the year before to nearly $18 billion. Experts say the pandemic played a major role. "I think people turned to cannabis to help relieve stress," says author of Weed the People Bruce Barcott.

Racial disparities in marijuana arrests remain mostly unchanged — and in some states, have gotten worse, an ACLU report shows.

Nicknamed “diet weed” by those who use it, Delta-8 THC looks and smells like the real thing, except without side effects like paranoia. Here's why it has experts concerned.

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The Indiana State Police issued the warning on Facebook earlier this week, alongside photos of “medicated” Skittles and Starburst Gummies, which contain THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis.

For starters, soil is much less temperamental than growing hydroponically. I have grown both ways in the past, and soil was much easier to troubleshoot, ‘when in doubt, flush it out’ was what I was taught.

The Pros Of Growing In Soil

The biggest reason why I am choosing to grow using soil as opposed to growing hydroponically is that most hydroponic methods involve the use of heavy metal fertilizers. That’s a deal-breaker for me.

The Pros Of Growing Hydroponically

I personally have chosen to use soil — super soil to be specific. Super soil involves adding a lot of organic nutrients and ingredients to a base organic soil. After mixing it all together, it has to sit for 6-12 weeks to ‘cook.’