outdoor cannabis seeds for cold climate

Outdoor cannabis seeds for cold climate

Well first, a strain that is mould resistant and of course short flowering. So mainly Indicas marijuana strains that aims to finish in September. The outdoor cannabis seed strains listed in this webpage offer great resistance to pests and moulds.

I can easily imagine your frustration when you see all these amazing cannabis strains with wonderful promises of huge outdoor yield. Frustration … yes because you live in a cold or wet country or both. When arrive October, you really ask yourself if your plant is going to make it because of the Automn that coming. Rains, Snow and disgusting snails all over your marijuana plant. The Buds turn purple not because you grow a Blueberry strain but because of the cold.

To Avoid being in a situation where you end, up after 5 months of patience, with molty buds, you will have to choose some fast and early flowering cannabis strains. Also, you have to find a resistant strain for your climate. So here is a list of cannabis seeds for cold climate who might help our friends in Manchester, Liverpool, Glascow, Derry, Belfast and even further Oslo, Copenhagen, Ontario …

What cold climate seeds should i buy ?

When the name of the strain start by “Early” like Early Biddy, Early girl or Early Widow, it’s a good sign for a harvest in September. Holland’s Hope is a cannabis strain adapted for growing outdoor in Netherland, so cannabis strain will surely grow in Uk and Ireland too. We do love Jamaican dream, this strain is not the most resistant for sure, but it’s ready to harvest in September, and if you get a sunny September, it’s all good.

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Biddy Early is Serious seeds outdoor marijuana strain especially developed by Gerrit from Magus Genetics for the humid and cold climate. Of course, there is a lot of more cannabis seeds for cold climate, but with this dozen of strains, you can make you an idea of the kind of seeds you need.

Outdoor cannabis seeds for cold climate

The changes from daytime maximum to night-time minimum temperatures can be extreme in some areas. The successful outdoor cannabis grower knows the importance of avoiding extremes and trying to maintain a consistent temperature. Once outdoor temperatures dip much below 15ºC growth rates tend to slow dramatically.

That’s why many indoor growers grow autoflower seeds during the winter months. With 20 hours of daily light (or even 24 hours!) your grow light will be able to help keep the grow room warm. Though it’s worth adding that some of the latest and most efficient LED grow lights don’t produce much surplus heat at all. Older HPS lights, however, are less efficient and do produce plenty of heat which may come in useful during winter grows.

4) Beware of overfeeding your plant with nutrients

You will also need to ensure that your plants are protected from pests such as slugs and snails as well as protecting them from other animals such as rabbit, deer etc. If you’re growing cannabis on your own land you will also want to choose a private location that isn’t easily overlooked by neighbours.

Outdoor weed growing in cold climates basics

Does frost kill buds? Yes, a severe frost will not just ruin the buds it may kill the plant completely. If you are trying to bloom outdoor plants in frosty weather it may be time to consider growing autoflower seeds or early flowering photoperiod feminised outdoor seeds.

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If you are looking for outdoor cannabis seeds that are best suited for cultivation in colder climates, check out our inventory of outdoor seeds listed in this section. When cannabis is cultivated in colder climates, the main problem that growers face is the growth of moulds and infestation by pests.

But, all the strains in our outdoor cannabis seeds collection have the ability to resist moulds and pests very well with very little effort, which is why they are best for cultivation in places with cooler climatic conditions.

Buy Cannabis seeds for cool climate

One more thing that growers need to take into consideration when choosing cannabis seeds for cultivating cannabis in cold climatic conditions is to opt for those with shorter flowering times so that they can finish early.

We offer the right cannabis seeds for the outdoor cold climatic conditions of your place, ensuring high quality, and great yields. All of these strains are hand-picked by our expert cannabis breeders to be grown in specific climates.