nutrients for growing hydroponic weed

Nutrients for growing hydroponic weed

By being directly exposed to the nutrient solution, they can feed without having to “fight” against soil, allowing the plant to grow bigger without the roots having to grow too much. This results in quicker development and can result in an overall faster harvest.

1. Soilless Growing

This is because the filters not only remove impurities but also remove the minerals in the water, not providing all of the micronutrients can cause deficiencies.

3. Cares You Should Take With Nutrients In Hydro

Because the roots are directly exposed in hydro, even the slightest change in the pH level can shock your plants, stunting growth and not allowing them to properly absorb nutrients.

Nutrients for growing hydroponic weed

Hydroguard (formally known as Aquashield) – prevents and treats root rot.

From a grower who wrote in: “I use the Botanicare KIND lineup – it seems to get good results, not too expensive, and works very well in hydro.” Another grower told us, “As far as favorites go, I’ve been pretty pleased with Botanicare KIND, it’s ‘pretty good’ when you follow the chart, but once you start tinkering with it based on what you see with your plants, it’ll really shine since it was developed to be played with.” Apparently a lot of growers like tinkering with this trio as another grower said, “Botanicare KIND is like the opposite spectrum [of the Botanicare Pure Blend series]. The Base is just Nitrogen and Calcium. Grow and Bloom both have most of the minerals in them, along with things like seakelp! The Bloom is also 0-6-6. Grow at 2-2-4. So quite literally you can call the shots on Nitrogen and Calcium. That level of control hasn’t been around a great deal in our market. For the savvy grower this is a pretty nice tool.”

You can learn a lot about nutrients by looking at the label!

When it comes to choosing hydroponic nutrients for growing weed, there are a few considerations that are really important!

Worst Hydroponic Nutrients

When set up right with good nutrients, DWC / Hydroponics can produce some incredible yields!

With all the different bottles of marijuana nutrients out there, how do you know which one is best for your hydroponic setup?

If you check the pH and it’s in the right range, that’s perfect and there’s nothing else you need to do. But don’t skip checking the pH just because the bottle says you don’t have to! Or at the very least, make sure pH is the first thing you check if you start seeing nutrient problems!

Best Hydroponic Nutrients


Additionally, hydroponic nutrients should always include….