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Interested in starting a CBD regimen? Learn the common misconceptions about CBD and tips for how to take CBD oil and cannabinoid products. Nuleaf CBD Dosage for Anxiety and Depression – How Much CBD Oil Do I take? Nuleaf How Many Drops Should I take?

How to Begin a CBD Regimen

In trying to achieve their wellness goals, more people are looking to natural supplements such as CBD oil or other cannabinoids. But starting a health regimen with plant medicines can be quite different from your typical experience with prescription medication. If you’re looking to begin a CBD regimen and are wondering how to take CBD oil, this guide will help you clear up some common misconceptions and get better results by finding the regimen that’s right for you.

Common Misconceptions About How to Take CBD Oil

1. I will see results immediately.

While you’re likely excited to see the benefits of your CBD product, it’s important to be patient. Cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN take time to build up in our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), so the key is consistency and continued use over time. Some consumers report immediate effects, whereas for others the benefits can take longer to notice.

2. Hemp products can be taken as needed.

When it comes to taking CBD and other cannabinoids, consistency is key. Taking cannabinoid products regularly equips you to be better prepared when inflammation and stressors arise and helps you return to a balanced state more quickly. If you only take CBD when needed, you may be missing out on the full effects your supplement could offer.

3. I should follow the recommendation on the bottle exactly.

Feel free to experiment as you begin your CBD regimen. The dosage suggestion offered by NuLeaf Naturals is a great place to start, but each body has a unique need for cannabinoid supplementation and you can feel comfortable experimenting with your products to find the optimal routine for your unique body and lifestyle.

4. Once I find a dose that works it will never change.

When it comes to CBD oil and other cannabinoid products, change can be a good thing. We don’t build a tolerance to cannabinoids, so if you find your daily dose is not as effective as it once was, it is likely due to a few important reasons:

  • Our body’s biochemistry is constantly changing, fluctuating, and shifting due to diet, lifestyle, stress, environmental factors, and improvements as a result of taking NuLeaf Naturals products. Due to these factors, you may need to adjust your dose to fit where your needs are, in the current moment.
  • Plant medicine of this kind is apoptogenic and is helping our body maintain homeostasis. It is both adapting to us and moving us toward being more adaptable, helping us to access our full healing potential.
  • While the body will metabolize all cannabinoids consumed, we can overwhelm our receptors by taking more than what is necessary for our body. When this is the case, a 24-48 hour break from cannabinoid products is typically enough to allow your body to catch up and be ready to take on a smaller dose again. We always recommend starting low and going slow.

5. I will feel different.

You will not necessarily “feel” effects of taking CBD products but rather experience an absence of feeling (i.e., reduced pain, fewer symptoms of anxiety, less trouble sleeping). It’s important to notice these subtle improvements as they confirm you’re on the right track and will continue to experience greater and greater benefits.

6. Cannabinoids will “fix” me.

While cannabinoid supplements like CBD oil certainly have their benefits, cannabinoid supplementation, or any supplementation for that matter, is only one piece of our healing journey. No medicine can substitute for or replace healthy nutrition, movement, and positive mental health habits. Supplementing with cannabinoid wellness consistently helps us bridge the gap and ensure our ECS is optimized during times when life gets in the way and we aren’t as diligent about our other healthy habits.

7. Plant medicines have no negative side effects

When taking herbal or other plant-based supplements, detoxification — also known as the Herxheimer Effect — can be a natural side effect. The Herxheimer Effect, or being “herxed,” means the cannabinoid or other supplement is effective in releasing toxic chemicals caused by the cell walls of dying bacteria that have been stored to protect you. In other words, your body is detoxifying, which may lead to symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, sore throat, nausea, chills, or headaches. All of these conditions are normal occurrences and are an indication that viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens are exiting the body.

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What Is the Proper Dosing for CBD?

As CBD oil and other cannabinoid products fall outside FDA regulations, there are no official CBD dosage guidelines. Furthermore, dosing depends on the methods of administration, the quality and potency of the product, and the individual’s needs.

As NuLeaf Naturals CBD products offer maximum potency in a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, lower doses go a longer way. We recommend the following dosing for our CBD products:

    Start with a dose of 30 mg (10 drops) per day taken sublingually, split between 2 doses. Increase slowly, as necessary. Start with a dose of 30 mg (2 capsules) per day, split between 2 doses. Increase slowly, as necessary.

As mentioned above, these CBD dosing recommendations are suggestions only. Feel free to experiment with your dose, as each body is different, starting with lower dosages and moving your way up slowly.

Summary: How to Find the Right CBD Regimen

To summarize, follow these tips to find the right CBD regimen for you:

  • Make only small adjustments to your dose at a time.
  • Monitor mental and physical discomfort before and after changes to your dose.
  • Be patient and consistent.
  • Look for small signs of improvement.

As with any supplement, consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.

Be Mindful of Your Progress

Natural medicines require us to have patience with and self awareness of our bodies. Having realistic expectations is a vital part of the healing process, helping us avoid discouragement as we make our way along our healing journey. Remember, pharmaceuticals are designed to produce a particular reaction quickly, and it’s not uncommon for these to be accompanied by persistent and less than desirable effects. Even if the benefits of CBD aren’t immediately noticeable or readily apparent, we should trust that our natural supplements are helping to maintain homeostasis.

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Find Your Optimal Nuleaf CBD Dosage for Anxiety Today with Our Nuleaf CBD Oil Dosage Guide

Before we get into Nuleaf CBD dosage for anxiety and focus, let’s discuss Nuleaf and the products that promote overall wellness. Nuleaf is one of the bestselling brands of CBD wellness products made from high quality organic hemp extract containing a full spectrum range of cannabinoids. This full spectrum CBD product promotes homeostasis in the body by stimulating the endocannabinoid system.

Studies suggests that by bringing the body into balance (homeostasis), overall wellbeing is improved with reduced anxiety, reduced depression, better sleep and improved focus.

Founded in 2014 by a group of health-conscious individuals with a vision to pave the way to promote a healthy body and mind, as well as live a happier healthier life.

Nuleaf offers exceptional customer service and longevity in the industry. Their products are 3rd party lab tested with lab results directly on the website. These products contain a robust range of cannabinoids and terpenes for an optimal entourage effect.

Nuleaf’s health-conscious plant medicine mission is based on their Colorado organically grown full spectrum hemp extract CBD. Unlike many CBD brands currently on the market that include CBD only.

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Nuleaf CBD Dosage For Anxiety: Recommended Nuleaf Dosage

CBD for Anxiety

Nuleaf Dosage: Compare CBD Oil Products side by side with other products using our CBD Product Comparison Tool to see for yourself why it’s considered one of the best in the industry.

Nuleaf Dosage and Strength – Nuleaf How Many Drops

Nuleaf CBD oil products are one of the most concentrated CBD products in this emerging market at 60 mg of CBD per ml. Each drop of CBD oil, no matter the different size bottles, includes 3 milligrams of CBD per drop. Nuleaf recommends starting at 10 drops or 30 mgs of CBD.

A more conservative approach and completely up to the user is to start at 1 single drop (3mg) and then increase over 2 weeks until you find your optimal dosage.

2 Week Starting CBD Schedule for Starting Nuleaf Dosage – Nuleaf CBD Oil How To Use

Week 1- (Sublingual, under the tongue)

Day 1 -3

  • Before Breakfast Take 1 drop of Nuleaf (1 drop = 3mg of CBD)
  • Mid Morning Take 1 drop (3mg)
  • Lunch Take 1 drop (3mg)
  • Mid Afternoon take 1 drop (3mg)
  • Dinner Take 1 drop (3mg)
  • Before Bed Take 1 drop (3mg)

Total mgs for Days 1- 3 = 18 mgs of Nuleaf CBD Oil per day

Evaluate how you feel about 20 minutes after you take each drop. Are you more relaxed, calm, energized, productive? If you feel no difference (and you probably won’t after only one day because your body is just starting to absorb the CBD), on Day 2 you’ll increase slowly.

Days 4-5

  • Before Breakfast Take 2 drops of Nuleaf (2 drops = 6mg of CBD)
  • Mid Morning Take 1 drop (3mg)
  • Lunch Take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Mid Afternoon take 1 drop (3mg)
  • Dinner Take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Before Bed Take 1 drop (3mg)

Total mgs for Day 4-5 = 27 mgs of Nuleaf CBD Oil per day

Days 6-7

  • Before Breakfast Take 2 drops of Nuleaf (2 drops = 6mg of CBD)
  • Mid Morning Take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Lunch Take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Mid Afternoon take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Dinner Take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Before Bed Take 2 drops (6mg)

Total mgs for Day 6-7 = 36 mgs of Nuleaf CBD Oil per day

How Are You Feeling? Evaluate if you feel calm. I promise you’ll have to ask yourself the question, because you won’t actually feel the CBD working, you’ll just feel calm, with no anxiety…and because you’re calm with no anxiety you’ll find yourself more productive and focused.

If you do feel improvement, stay at the dose where you first noticed it.

You can play around with the timing and quantity of your drops now because you know how much you need overall to feel relaxed. So instead of taking 12 drops, 6 times a day, you can choose to take 6 drops twice day. You can choose to take 6 drops in the morning and 6 drops after lunch. It really depends on what is most convenient for you and your schedule.

Now, if you don’t feel any improvement continue to increase your drops in Week 2.

Week 2- (Sublingual, under the tongue)

Day 8 -10

  • Before Breakfast Take 3 drops of Nuleaf (3 drops = 9mg of CBD)
  • Mid Morning Take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Lunch Take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Mid Afternoon take 2 drops (6mg)
  • Dinner Take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Before Bed Take 2 drops (6mg)

Total mgs for Days 8- 10 = 45mgs of Nuleaf CBD Oil per day

Evaluate how you feel about 20 minutes after you take each drop. Are you more relaxed, calm, energized, productive? If you feel no difference (and you probably won’t after only one day because your body is just starting to absorb the CBD), on Day 2 you’ll increase slowly.

Days 11-12

  • Before Breakfast Take 3 drops of Nuleaf (9mg)
  • Mid Morning Take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Lunch Take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Mid Afternoon take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Dinner Take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Before Bed Take 3 drops (9mg)

Total mgs for Day 11-12 = 54 mgs of Nuleaf CBD Oil per day

Days 13-14

  • Before Breakfast Take 4 drops of Nuleaf (12mg)
  • Mid Morning Take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Lunch Take 4 drops (12mg)
  • Mid Afternoon take 3 drops (9mg)
  • Dinner Take 4 drops (12mg)
  • Before Bed Take 3 drops (9mg)
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Total mgs for Day 11-12 = 63 mgs of Nuleaf CBD Oil per day

How Do You Feel? Continue to Increase slowly until you find your quality dose. Listen to your body and let it acclimate to CBD. You can increase as often as you desire or slow down as well. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to bring the body into balance and it can take up to 4-8 weeks to feel significant results.

Available Nuleaf CBD Products

Currently Nuleaf’s line of cannabinoid products has expanded to include:

  • CBD oil drops
  • CBD capsules
  • CBC oil drops and capsules
  • CBN oil drops and capsules
  • CBG oil drops and capsules
  • Pet CBD Oil products.

Use the Nuleaf CBD Dosage guidelines below in the calculator for starting dosage.

How to Use Nuleaf CBD Oil


Place drops directly under your tongue for most effective use. By taking sublingually, the CBD enters the bloodstream through tiny capillaries under the tongue.

Ingest CBD

Add Nuleaf CBD drops to any drink or food such as peanut butter, yogurt, oatmeal, juice or any favorite food or beverage. When ingested the CBD must pass through the digestive system and filtered through the liver, therefore almost twice as much CBD dose is needed compared to sublingual administration.

Topical use

Add CBD drops to your favorite lotion to provide pain relief to affected areas.

Nuleaf Shipping: Domestic and International

Nuleaf is available in all 50 states and worldwide (except Canada) and known for excellent customer service and super-fast shipping.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring constituent of industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) plants. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, and is being scientifically investigated for numerous reasons. Most people have heard of a cannabinoid called THC, which is the ingredient in cannabis that gets users high. Unlike THC, CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and does not cause a high.

What’s the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from marijuana?

Both hemp and marijuana are from the same genus and species (Cannabis Sativa). The characteristic of having low THC is the single difference that most rely on to distinguish industrial hemp from marijuana. CBD taken from hemp and marijuana is the exact same compound.

Nuleaf Dosage: Nuleaf CBD Oil Benefits

Nuleaf CBD Dosage for Anxiety

Many of the symptoms of ADHD are rooted in anxiety. Based on medically reviewed research, there is evidence to support CBD reduces anxiety and depression in adults with ADHD.

Nuleaf CBD for Pain

Although not ADHD related, CBD can also be used to reduce pain, either topically applied to acute pain like arthritis or taken sublingually to reduce pain overall.

Long Term Effects of CBD

Compared to other ADHD medications, CBD has no long term adverse effects. The cannabis plant is found in nature and has been used for thousands of years to treat conditions in the human body.

How Do I Know How Much To Take?

Since there is no standardized measurements in this emerging industry, it is important to convert the milligrams (mg) in the entire bottle to milligrams (mg) in each milliliter (ml) of fluid (mg/ml).

Although weight can play a role once you’ve been taking CBD for awhile, experts agree, it is best for everyone to start low and slowly increase.

We recommend starting at a very low dose of 2 mg for CBD in children (pediatric starting dose) and 10mg for an adult starting dose if taken sublingually. Then, slowly increasing until you find your beneficial dose. You can increase as often as you feel comfortable.

There are no long term side effects to taking too much. By starting low and slowly increasing, your body’s receptors slowly acclimate to CBD for optimal health.

2mg/10mg is an extremely low and conservative starting point therefore, feel free to increase often to treat ADHD in adults and children.

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