nukeheads seeds

Nukeheads seeds

Not only do they sell leading genetics, they offer state-of-the-art custom lab trays with your name on it! Using advanced 3D printing technology, NukeHeads ensures that every lab box is customized to the customer—even special designs, which they offer free of charge. Even better? The boxes can withstand over 8,000 pounds of crushing force, ensuring maximum protection for your seeds!

With competitive prices, NukeHeads’ mission is to give customers the best options, as well as cater to pheno-hunters by offering strains from all over the world. To make the experience even better, they also created the first-ever voice-controlled grow light system that integrates with Amazon Alexa—be sure to check out their grow light site for high PAR and chlorophyll production-specific spectrums!

Do you like purple weed that taste like bubblegum? Do you grow marijuana or want to? Give NukeHeads a try next time you need to place an order for seeds!

Courtesy of NukeHeads

Courtesy of NukeHeads

Nukeheads is a licensed supplier of feminized cannabis seeds, grow lights, and nutrients. They are certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and have been featured in High Times and on the founder’s YouTube channel, Cody’s Marijuana Science . Nukeheads sells and ships over 150 strains, and each of these strains is featured on their website, . Strains include the skunky and sweet Afgoo, the ever-popular White Widow, and Nuclear Scary Bubbles, a strain created by Cody Obel, the founder and owner of Nukeheads. In addition to their custom genetics, Nukeheads maintains partnerships with global seed banks and world-class breeders to provide your grow op with high quality seeds at highly affordable prices.

Nukeheads also makes a commitment to helping growers once they’ve received their seeds. They maintain a customer service inbox ( [email protected] ) where their professional growers and staff members can answer questions about your Nukeheads strains. Nukeheads also maintains a list of growing resources on their website. They even have a grow chat where you can interact with other Nukeheads growers and swap tips and stories.

When you’re looking to purchase cannabis seeds, you need to make sure that you’re receiving feminized seeds. Natural seeds have a 50:50 ratio of producing a male or female plant, but only female plants produce buds rich in cannabinoids. Male plants are hindrances to the growing process, as they will inevitably pollinate the female plants, which reduces their cannabinoid yield and causes unwanted seeds to appear. Feminized seeds provide a near certain (99.9%) chance of growing a female plant, which saves you time, space, and effort while streamlining the growing process.

Seed orders exceeding $150 are shipped in secure, 3D printed lab containers. These lab containers are designed with Fused Deposition Modeling and certified for 1000 lbs. of crush force to prevent in-transit damage to your seeds. As a complimentary bonus, the lab container is embossed with your name or the name of your company. When the container is shipped, you’ll automatically receive a tracking number via email.

Starting a new cannabis strain is a demanding task. You can do all the research in the world, but you never know exactly what you’re going to end up with until you’ve invested time and resources into growing the strain. Finding a trustworthy supplier is a crucial part of knowing that what you plant lives up to its label.