neighbors weeds growing over fence

Neighbors weeds growing over fence

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Dig a small trench along your fence. Put down some plastic or landscape fabric and fill with gravel.

What type of plastic? Like, what was its original intended use?

Pour straight vinegar along bottom of fence line soaking the plants/weeds it will kill them or use Round-Up along fence line. Sink some edging down into ground along your side of fence some roots grow deep 6″s.

I dug down a bit sprayed round up, nailed plastic to bottom of fence and laid in rocks or brick to hide plastic. Created a barrier.

I want to keep my neighbor’s weeds from growing under my fence into my flowers and mulch. He doesn’t take care of his yard and I constantly have to pull his weeds out from under my wooden fence. Is there anything I can put behind my fence or some idea how to stop this.

Try pouring boiling water on the weeds as they appear. Yes this will take time but will not harm the soil, is chemical free and kills the weeds roots and all. Also create a barrier along the fence line. You can use something as simple as garden edging, dig it into the ground and ensure it is hard against the fence at the top to stop light getting between the fence and the barrier.

Neighbors weeds growing over fence

This is the stuff I got @purplerallim
It’s quite stiff and takes some cutting with a strong pair of scissors, and I left about 1″ above the soil level just in case..
I used it along 30ft fence and also to contain a patch of raspberries – so far so good

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You can see how I used it in the pic below against the fence and around the rasps.
Same here – next door have an assortment of mostly bindweed and ivy and some brambles that used to come through and over a year on it’s worked so far

Neighbors weeds growing over fence

By taking preventive measures, you can keep your garden or lawn weed-free. Read below to learn all about the strategies to stop weeds:

Weeds remove is not a permanent task in the home garden or lawn. But planned weed control makes the task much more comfortable. You have to cover the soil with weed contaminant fabric to prevent the regrowth of weeds manually or by spraying.

Get ready with a herbicide

Some characteristic includes-

Weeds are the unnecessary plants that grow in your garden or lawn. By abundant seed production weeds can spread at a high rate. In the world, there are countless species of weeds that can make it extremely hard for you to keep your lawn or garden free of them.

Benefits of Removing Weeds

Besides that, weeds can reduce crop quality, water, light, soil nutrients by contaminating. So, we have to stop the neighbor’s weeds.