negra 44 seeds

Negra 44 seeds

In this article we’ll tell you more about one of the feminised strains in R-Kiem Seeds catalogue, Negra 44. As you may know, this Spanish cannabis seed company is known for the high quality of their strains, with a relatively short but solid catalogue, thanks to which they’ve been awarded in many occasions in different major cannabis events.

Genetics of Negra 44

Her particular dark green colour, along with the high amount of fat trichomes and pistillate hairs produced, give her buds an excellent bag appeal, with a thick, white layer of resin glands that contrasts with the dark buds. As you can see in the pics, Negra 44 produces resin extracts of awesome quality.

R-Kiem Seeds Negra 44 info:

Negra 44 acquires beautiful dark hues during the bloom stage

Negra 44 seeds

Negra44 by R-Kiem Seeds is the result of years and years of work selecting pure African strains. The breeders ventured out to Sawla, Ghana in order to get their hands on these seeds. Once they brought them home to Spain, they were crossed outdoors in order to find the perfect phenotype; Negra 44.

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Negra 44 Indoor Yield

Outdoors these plants can grow strong and thick thanks to the intensity of the sunlight. After a couple of growing months this strain is capable of growing a complicated structure. It does well in almost every climate, and thanks to its flowering speed it should finish up before the end of summer rains anyway; it should be ready to harvest towards mid to end of September. Trim with a pair of round tipped scissors for best results.

Negra44 by R-Kiem Seeds is a hybrid that comes from some of the best African strains. This indica-dominant plant yields large amounts of buds both indoors and outdoors. We recommend growing them for three weeks indoors before flipping them to flower.

Negra 44 | African Cannabis Seeds

Indoors these plants clearly have an indica structure with large, dark green leaves and average internodes. It has sativa-like buds, however, which is perfect if you’re worried about humidity and rot. This strain can yield up to 650 g per square meter when done right indoors.