molasses growing weed

Molasses growing weed

Carbohydrates are essential to all aspects of healthy plant growth. Through photosynthesis, your plants harvest light energy and transform it into oxygen and carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates provide the chemical energy that fuels plant growth and supports strong, healthy structural development from root to bud.

Why Molasses Carbohydrates and Cannabis Belong Together

With molasses, the symbiotic associations taking place in your soil create a healthier environment that supports strong, healthy root growth and promotes improved nutrient availability and uptake, which further enhances plant vigor and plant strength. Healthier soil means healthier, stronger cannabis plants — and that means bigger, better yields.

How Molasses Benefits Cannabis Growth and Yield

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The repeated boiling concentrates nutrients, making blackstrap molasses a rich source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Because of the high mineral content, health-conscious eaters use blackstrap molasses as a supplement in their diets.

Molasses: What is it?

The key minerals that make molasses a healthy food for people are vital for plants, too. Potassium and calcium, in particular, play an essential role in the processes that plants go through as they form buds and flowers. Even better, the sugar works as a natural “chelating” agent, binding it to other nutrients so they are more readily absorbed by plants.

How Molasses Helps Your Plants Grow

You get the most benefit from molasses in your nutrient solution in soil-based systems, though it works for hydro, too. If adding your own molasses, be sure to check the pH of the solution before giving it to your plants – the sugars will pull it toward the acidic side.

Molasses growing weed

Molasses isn’t just for baking cookies anymore. Cannabis growers everywhere have started discovering the incredible benefits of molasses for growing better cannabis.

What is molasses?

One of the key factors for any cannabis grower who grows in soil rather than hydroponically is the quality of the soil itself. Healthy soil supportive of growing healthy cannabis plants is rich in nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Why is molasses so beneficial to cannabis plants?

Then, once the sugar crystals are extracted to make sugar, the syrup remaining is molasses.