mojo seeds

Take your snacking skills to a whole new level! Our Jalapeno Mojo Sprouted Seeds may taste like a flavor fiesta of fresh ground spices and hoppin’ jalapenos, but every bite also contains our nutrient-dense superfood blend of high protein chlorella, spirulina, and alkalizing spinach to liven up your day. Enjoy right out of the bag or sprinkled on salads, soups, and veggies.

Sprouted Sunflower Seeds*, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Cold Pressed Olive Oil*, Spirulina*, Spinach*, Garlic*, Chlorella*, Cumin*, Lemon Peel*, Black Pepper*, Spices*, Jalapeno Extract and Onion*. *Certified Organic


Mojo seeds

Maturity difference (14 Days) between Red River (left) and Impact (right). Ardmore, OK 2012. Plots sown on the same day.

MOJO: Now Including Impact

2. Broadcast a mixture of 5 to 7 lb of seed and fertilizer the following March through May.

later-maturing cultivar than Red River but one that is also broadly adapted, high-yielding, and with improved nutritive quality and good reseeding ability.