mexican sativa seeds

Mexican sativa seeds

Altogether we’ve collected 7 user comments about Sensi Seeds’ Mexican Sativa. Here you find the 7 english user comments:

Mexican Sativa have basically a strong effect to the Head (a little bit Relaxing and Uplifting and also minimal Thought provoking and Spacy / Confusing) but is also affecting (a little bit less) to the Body (fairly Calming; a little bit Pain numbing and Couchlocking and also minimal Narcotic and Sleepy). . read more

Mexican Sativa Comparisons

Just like Sensi Seeds description of the strain. Very beginner friendly, easy to grow, and will produce very large buds come harvest.

Great smoke, best to be a bushy plant, to get best yeild. Defenetly had no problems with the HID light, leaves turned purplish near the end and the buds were full of resin.

Aroma / Smell

These ladies grow very large, so it would be recommended to tie them down to allow a non-Christmas tree like shape, and to allow side branching to fill out.

Mexican sativa seeds

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Mexico is home to some wonderful marijuana varieties, Mexican Sativa included. Mexican Sativa is great strain to grow outdoor in tropical regions. This mainly sativa strain exists since the 1987 and is a crossing of Durban Poison and African Sativa. The short flower period and easiness of growing makes the Mexican Sativa a great strain for the growers who wants to have their yield fast. Also a great strain for Sea of green and screen of green growing methods.

Mexican Sativa seeds specifications

Although you will get a bit of a dry mouth while smoking, it is a relaxing strain and helps you through the day without getting knocked of your feet. A good strain to smoke on daytime. The crispy buds taste a bit like peanuts, with a sharp aftertaste. The aroma and smell of the Mexican Sativa is pretty neutral which makes it a perfect strain for stealth growing and smoking.

Mexican Sativa seeds description