materials needed for growing weed indoors

Materials needed for growing weed indoors

If you’re growing in organic super- or high-quality soil, you might need a small amount of nutrients to adjust nutrient-strength levels or work out a deficit after the first few weeks when you’re plants are deeper into their vegetative stage and/or start to enter their flowering stage…

In the ventilation chapter, you learned that you should get an exhaust fan that has a CFM rating that’s at least equal to the volume of your grow area / grow tent.

5. Pots & Buckets

Is hydroponic growing better, or soil?

And that’s why the nutrients and feeding schedule of soil is different than a hydroponic system…

Scientific References:

But what kind of nutrients you need depends on:

Materials needed for growing weed indoors

The first is the I Love Growing Marijuana store. They give you a 100% germination guarantee. That is a great touch and it ensures that you do not waste your money on seeds that are not viable. The problem is they only ship to the US or Australia, but shipping to the US is free. Review here.

Seeds Or Clones

To grow weed indoors, you’ll want an enclosed space that allows you to control the environment and also to keep out prying eyes and other pests (even if it is legal, the fewer people who know you are growing, the better; theft is unfortunately all too common).

A Suitable Space

Your municipality has water quality info. You want to make sure your water contains fewer than 400 ppm of mineral content and no chlorine. You could also get a TDS meter to test this yourself, but these are not always reliable.