materials for growing weed indoors

Materials for growing weed indoors

Go Pro with HIDs: MH/HPS Grow Lights
Setup Cost:

Setup Cost:

Grow Space: Will work in most grow spaces

Maintenance: 1-2 hours/week – tend plants, mix nutrients, etc

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What do I need to grow just a few plants?

Grow Space: Portable, will work in almost any grow space

Materials for growing weed indoors

When growing cannabis indoors, you absolutely have to use some sort of lighting system potent enough for your plants to believe that they’re outdoors, allowing them to grow and flower perfectly.

Once you know where you’re going to grow and how you’re going to distribute the space, you’re going to need to make a shopping list.

1- Grow tents / Reflective sheeting

Shopping lists are highly recommended so that you don’t end up spending more than you need to spend on unnecessary or expensive things. If you take your time to have a look at the current market and options, you can save quite a lot.

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors:

In order to calculate the inline fan strength you’ll need to calculate a fourth of your extraction strength. So, if you have a 1.2×1.2x2m grow tent and a 600w lamp, you’ll need a 468m3/h extractor. So, for your inline fan you’ll need to calculate 468/4 which is 117m3/h – this is the type of intake that you’ll need.

Materials for growing weed indoors

You might be thinking:

2. Grow Lights

Is hydroponic growing better, or soil?

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You’re going to have to replace sunlight, which is by no means an easy task.