marijuana seed japan

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So in other words, seeds are okay, but leaves and stems are illegal unless you have the licence. And as for smoking, it is quite out of the question compared to many Western European cities and the society itself if intolerant.

But like Sativa probably has suspected, I doubt that the Japanese who purchase the seeds from him purchase them to use it on spices ;p

I don’t know about Ringo, but Paul MacCartny was actually injailed in Japan for carrying marijuana at the airport upon arrival. He learned some traditional drunk-guy songs from fellow prisoners.

Keith Richards raised his fist when he finally went through Japanese customs for the very first time. We all know what he means. He was the key problem for the band not being able to play here.

Marijuana seed japan

The reason why this happened is as follows. In 1948, when the law was enacted, there was a concern that hemp farmers could breathe in its substance when cropping hemp. If the substance had been detected from their body, it could fall within the definition of the ‘use of marijuana.’

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Article 1 The term “Cannabis” as used in this Act means the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) and its products; provided, however, that the grown stalk of the cannabis plant and its products (excluding resin.) and the seed of cannabis plant and its products are excluded.

From part control to ingredient control

Now, it’s turned out that it is not the case. Therefore, the report proposes to criminalize the use of marijuana explicitly. However, in practice, nothing will change. Those who smoke or ingest marijuana are currently prosecuted due to their possession in any way. We cannot smoke marijuana without possessing it.

In this regard, the report also proposes to ease manufacturing and using drugs that contain substances derived from marijuana. For instance, Epidiolex, whose active ingredient is CBD, has already been approved to treat a severe form of epilepsy in the United States.

Meanwhile, the report sees marijuana as a gateway drug and remains the position to criminalize its use for recreational purposes. Technically speaking, the current law only explicitly prohibits the possession, cultivation, import, or export of marijuana but not the smoking or ingesting it, unlike other drugs.

Hemp culture

CBD can be used for easing the pain or symptoms of illness such as depression, or relaxation, whose oil products are already available in the market. However, the current law[2] only allows the stalk and seed of the cannabis plant to be used for any product, regardless of THC or CBD, by defining the term ‘cannabis’ as follows:

Hemp, the plant from which marijuana is made, is traditionally used for religious services, festivals, and clothes in Japan. For instance, you can see shimenawa, ropes made from hemp, in any shrine in Japan. According to the report, there were 37,313 cannabis farmers in 1954, which decreased to 35 in 2019. The report proposes streamlining granting licenses to cultivate cannabis to protect and encourage hemp farmers in Japan.