marijuana plant growing tall and skinny

Marijuana plant growing tall and skinny

Turn Down Light Intensity

250W HPS grow lights are kept about 12" away from the tops of plants. A great mid-size light that doesn't get too hot or use a whole lot of electricity.

How to Help Too-Tall Cannabis Plants

Obviously, this isn't an option for all growers, but consider whether you can get a taller grow tent or otherwise increase the height of your grow space.

How to Prevent Plants from Getting Too Tall

If the tallest parts of your plants are getting stressed by the grow lights, it helps to reduce the overall light intensity. If you have multiple grow lights, remove the ones that need the furthest distance from the tops of the plants. For example, LEDs typically need to be kept further away from your plants than an equivalent HPS. So, in the picture below, the grower could reduce light stress by turning off a few of the LEDs.

Marijuana plant growing tall and skinny

This will depend on what strain you are growing and where you are growing. One important thing to know about marijuana plants is they will double (or more) in size between the veg stage and the flowering stage. So, that is something to consider, especially if you are growing indoors and in a tent.

The best way to avoid this from happening is to have the lights within 2’ of your seedlings and as they grow, lower them, if you have LED. Or, leave them around 2’ away if using HPS or other lights that generate heat.

The first couple of weeks into flowering you won’t notice much happening then suddenly, the buds shoot up and the plants grow considerably. After a couple weeks of this, they usually come to almost a complete stop in height. Some plants will still creep up in height a bit, which is fine if it is bud growth. How tall should the plants be before flowering?

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My Plants are Too Tall in Vegetative Growth Stage (What to Do?)

Sometimes, growing outdoors can elicit some unwanted attention when growing weed. One way to keep that unwanted attention away is to do what you can to keep your weed plants a bit shorter.

Indica’s are much better suited for growing indoors than a Sativa. Depending on what variety you grow, you can expect the Indica plant to be anywhere between 3’ and 6’ high. Indica’s are ideal for growing in grow tents.

This will stop them from stretching and getting too tall. Yes, it’s true if the plants are not getting enough light, they will stretch to reach whatever light there is. Let’s look at how close the lights should be.

Grow Indica Instead of Sativa

Now I am going to answer some questions I found online to make sure we cover this topic as fully as possible. Let’s get to it!

Fimming, topping, low stress training what does it all mean? Well, it means I have some trusted and true methods to help reduce the height of weed plants. That’s what this article is about, helping you figure out what method you can use to shorten the height of your plants, regardless of whether they’re grown indoors or out. Let’s begin!