marijuana growing methods

Marijuana growing methods

So you’re taking the leap and starting to grow your own cannabis! If you’re like most, you might be a little nervous and pretty confused about how to grow the best plants. That is why you have us to help.

1. Topping

Topping involves cutting off the top of your plant to encourage it to grow more thick and full. It might seem like a crazy idea to cut the top off of a perfectly healthy plant, but it’s a tried and true method used by farmers of many plant types. Instead of your plant growing tall and skinny, topping will make your plant grow more bushy and lead you to a higher yield.

2. Fimming (F***, I Missed)

Now to the big question – how does fimming work?

Marijuana growing methods

There are no rigid rules about needed wattage and airflow generated by oscillating fans depending on room size and the number of plants. The most widely used fans are 6 and 8 inches in size, and you will never make a mistake if you buy one of those. The fans should be mounted at a lower level below the canopy and slightly above it to create light wind. The wind actually disperse carbon dioxide molecules through the room, making it available for every single plant that uses it during photosynthesis. The wind shouldn’t be too strong since it can hurt leaves.

The issue with spectrum adjustment with many LEDs manufacturers is the power limit for some parts of the spectrum. For instance, some manufacturers claim that the power input of their light is, for example, 600 watts. When it comes to photons emission from certain parts of the spectrum, the actual power that light consumes is 300 watts. So, what is going on here? The design of the electric circuit doesn’t allow those particular LEDs to access the available power. Consequently, those LEDs emit half of the potential PPF, which is a serious drawback that can have a significantly negative impact on plant development.

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Ventilation in non-sealed environment

As the most popular growing medium for cannabis plants, soil or compost is a natural, easy, and widely available option. The soil you use should have essential nutrients that can supplement optimal growth through the life cycle of the plant. Also, it is highly recommended to use soil with 20 to 30% of perlite which improves drainage and the ability to maintain higher amounts of air, resulting in enhanced respiration. Some soils you’ll buy from your standard grow supply store will have perlite pre-mixed into the bag. If not, you can also purchase separately and add in perlite yourself.


The early bloom period is considered from the first flower appearance to approximately 35 days after. At this phase, the amount of all macronutrients should be equal, while their concentration should be between 200 to 250 ppm. During this period, each plant needs 600 to 800ml of water every 2 to 4 days.