marijuana grow rooms for sale

Marijuana grow rooms for sale

You can start by measuring how much space you have in your room, or basement area or garage. This will help you decide on what size tent you should buy. I want to recommend the largest growing tent you have space for because once you get started you will wish you had more growing space.

Once you have decided on a tent size, that will help you make decisions on electrical outlet timers, lights, fans or blowers, carbon filters, marijuana nutrients and more. Your education will grow as fast as your marijuana plants do!

Marijuana Grow Rooms

Sometimes you cannot dedicate an entire room in your house to growing cannabis or medical marijuana. But if you have a basement or a garage you may be able to have your own marijuana grow tent. Depending upon how much room you have, these sealed tent enclosures work out quite nicely for many people. These grow tents are designed specifially for growing plants indoors. You still need to have your grow lights and other marijuana growing supplies to complete your indoor grow tent garden.

Cannabis Indoor Growing Tents for Sale

We use Amazon because we can trust them and everything ships discreetly as well! You can also find a few other marijuana grow tents on this growing supplies page.

With Starrco modular grow rooms, you can add rooms, modify the layout, add a second floor, or dismantle the entire commercial grow facility and move it to a new location where you can quickly reassemble it in a way that avoids the downtime and mess associated with conventional construction projects.

See How our Grow Rooms are Built from Start to Finish

Typical options for our commercial grow room setups include:

What is the difference between cleanrooms and grow rooms?

Starrco will work with your HVAC engineer and architects to integrate ventilation infrastructure into the walls and ceilings to accommodate the air-handling equipment needed to remove heat, control humidity, and prevent contamination from pests and mold.