marijuana grow lights for sale

Marijuana grow lights for sale

You can, of course, go for an affordable fluorescent grow light, but that you will have to set them up in pairs, which defeats the idea of affordability.

The only thing I don’t like about the design is its low water resistance. Because it is built out of cooling fins, and without an enclosure, I’d be careful with around it if I’m watering the plant.

Fluorescent Lights


Another disadvantage is that they only produce light in the blue spectrum, which means they are only good for the early and late stages of the plant’s development. You will have to use one of the other types of grow lights during the flowering stage, which completely defeats the idea of affordability.

#1 Growstar Reflector Series 600W LED

High-Intensity Discharge bulbs are lit by combusting the gas that is trapped within the bulb. These bulbs require a specific type of hood set up, and ballast for regulating the electricity that goes into it, so it doesn’t burn out.

Why would I use Led lights when traditional grow lights are way cheaper?

Lower overall operating cost year after year

Can be put closer to canopy with the right conditions

This all depends on your application. For veg you won’t need as many watts, and you may want to use a veg style LED light bar. These light bars are shaped like a standard ceiling fixture you may have seen for many years. Whether you want red, blue, white, or a combination of the three is up to personal preference. It seems we are seeing more and more white LED veg light bars hit the market. As white mimics the suns light more.

The day has finally come where LED’s can now be used in commercial grow spaces, and produce adequate yields. For so many years the yields just weren’t there, and we even saw commercial grows change out entire rooms of LED’s after only 1 harvest. Those days appear to be behind us finally. Although if you use the comparison of LED watts vs. HID watts you may be a bit disappointed, but if you use a watt for a watt, you will be more than happy. Even if your yields are a little less, the power draw, and HVAC requirements for LED lights is significantly less. This alone should help your bottom line when you make the switch to LED.