marijuana grow lights amazon

Marijuana grow lights amazon

In our growing forum, many members have experimented with different grow lights for growing cannabis. Over the last few months, it has become apparent that one of the most popular brands for LED grow lights is an emerging company known as “ViparSpectra.”

3 Main Types of LED Grow Lights

Actual Power Consumption: 93W in veg, 185W in flowering (this model has a separate vegetative and flowering mode)

ViparSpectra LED Grow Lights

This is especially common in the flowering/budding phase, especially towards the end of flowering when the same leaves have been directly under the LED for months. Discolored leaves don’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong, especially if the LED grow light is being kept far enough away, but if you’re noticing it particularly near the lights, it’s a good indication it might be light burn. Most modern LED grow lights need to be kept at least 12-18″ away to prevent light burn.

Marijuana grow lights amazon

Hydrofarm’s Agrobrite T5 fixture gives you the option to hang the fixture horizontally, vertically, or overhead depending on your needs. Its high output bulbs provide great light intensity at an affordable price. Its 6400K spectrum is rated for 20,000 hours of use.

Gavita brings you a complete and compact fixture featuring a ballast and replaceable reflector for easy setup. The double-ended HPS lamps are some of the most efficient in the market. Gavita gives you the power to dim down to 375 watts in a gradual manner to protect the lamp.

Sun System brings you this compact HID light fixture, perfect for small spaces. Its 150-watt HPS bulb can produce an incredible 16000 lumens. Reflective aluminum inserts provide exceptional lighting while vented housing reduces the heat produced by the bulbs.

6. Hydrofarm Agrobrite T5 Grow Lights

Its VEG and FLOWER switches come with a high-speed fan and aluminum heat sinks for better cooling. It’s the ideal LED light for 4.5’ x 4’ gardens. Enjoy a 5-year warranty and 90-day satisfaction or return guarantee.

That’s why we’ve assembled a handy list of fluorescent, LED, and HID grow lights that are affordable, easy to install and use, and all found on Amazon! Even if you don’t buy from Amazon, you’ll appreciate the reviews when you make your decision at your local shop.

Fluorescent Marijuana Grow Lights

Hydrofarm’s grow light kit comes with everything you need to get started. It includes a 10-foot grounded power cord and eight T5 tubes capable of producing up to 40,000 Lumens. Its low-profile, powder-coated steel housing provides incredible light distribution.

Aluminum cooling heat sinks and a high-speed quiet fan is the perfect way to keep heat levels down. These lights are perfect for a 2.5’ x 2.5’ grow area. Every purchase comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Marijuana grow lights amazon

Light Emitting Diodes represent the latest technology in grow lights. Although they can cost up to $500 for a single unit, you can find plenty of models that offer the same functionality at a fraction of the cost.

HID grow lights can emit light from the entire spectrum depending on the type you choose. You can use them for both flowering and vegetative stages, and they are incredibly powerful.

Grow Light Types, Their Strengths, And Which Is Most Affordable

When it comes to spectrum, this grow light has you covered from seed to harvest. The lamp’s 12 LEDs produce a full spectrum band light, both in the UV and IR range. The light it produces in UV has a wavelength of 380nm, while the IR it produces has a wavelength of 730nm. To ensure a safe and healthy flowering phase, it also produces red light in wavelengths between 630 and 660nm. For such an inexpensive grow light, this is beyond impressive.

What To Look For In A Grow Light?

My best advice is to go for an LED grow light because it will save you a lot of cash in the long run. However, if you don’t have the money for one, you can go for either of the two other types. In the next part of the article, I’ve covered all types so you don’t have to worry about exclusion.