marijuana grow light reviews

Marijuana grow light reviews

A lot of manufacturers offer a watt value for the energy produced by their LED grow lights. Unfortunately, the measurement watts really have nothing to do with the measurement of light generated by a LED. For that, you need to understand PAR or photo-synthetically active radiation. Par refers to the number of wavelengths that your cannabis plants can use to achieve photosynthesis.

Brand/Budget/Price: The more I test LED grow lights the more I’m surprised by the results I get from different manufacturers and price points. I recently tested a high-end brand light worth $799 USD against what most people would consider a cheap consumer-level brand that cost just $249 USD and the cheap brand kicked the big brand’s ass all the way around my grow tent.

We reveal the winners, bestsellers, budget options, small space options, and large space options. You can be sure that any LED grow lights listed on our list of led grow light reviews will meet your expectations and produce cannabis crops for years to come. All of this knowledge is based on testing products and exploring the resulting crop (my favorite part).

With the P9-XML2, a flick of the switch provides the perfect light intensity for vegetation, another flip of the switch increases the intensity for blooming and flowering cycles. Another breakthrough in the PlatinumLED series lights are the focusing lenses. These lenses act like mini reflectors to send the maximum amount of light deep into the canopy of your grow. Getting energy deep into your plants encourages explosive plant growth.

Advances in LED grow lights Have Maximized PAR Value and Light Coverage

Most of the other panels we have tested are driven by 3-Watt LEDs which provide a less intense light. The LEDs are emitting deep blue in the 430-460 nm, and deep red in the 650 to 670 nm levels. This helps achieve maximum light absorption in your cannabis plants. This range of light also handles the plant’s vegetative stage. as well as the flowering stage very well without switching lighting equipment.

Remember that these light measurements are spot measured and that manufacturers list their PAR rating in the hot spot created in the center of every LED fixture. PAR values also change the farther the canopy is away from the light the less power that strikes the plants.

The lighting unit in this taking less room in your grow area and comes in a solid enclosure with built-in high-speed fans which keep the whole unit cool.

LED Grow Light FAQ

Roleadro has been a maker of fine LED’s for several years. I have tested these lights with cannabis so I can speak from experience about their grow and build quality. You can certainly grow up to about 6 to 8 nice plants under this bad boy and achieve nice yields as long as you train your plants for maximum light exposure.

Answer. Depending on the strain I’m growing I’ll run 24/7 for “veg” if it’s a hearty strain, 18/6 for a normal strain. Then Off time is either zero or 6 hours until Blooming time when I switch to 12/12.

Marijuana grow light reviews

The name “Quantum Board LED grow light” originated from Horticulture Lighting Group, though the term is now sometimes used for any LED in this style. They tend to have relatively low wattage diodes which are spread out over a large area on a board. These are becoming more popular lately, and seem to offer particularly good results for the amount of wattage used.

Introduction: Are LEDs a Good Choice for Growing Cannabis?

How Far to Keep from Plants: 20-28″ for the vegetative stage. 18-20″ away in the flowering stage.


HLG first coined the term “Quantum Board” for an LED grow light with the diodes spread out over a large area (on a board). The board style LED grow lights have become very popular almost as soon as they appeared on the scene. Growers are reporting results that may beat even other LED grow lights when it comes to the amount of yield for the electricity used. I was impressed when I tried one myself. It’s probably too early to call it the winner just yet, but it’s undeniable these are some of the best LED grow lights available today!