marijuana grow calendar

Marijuana grow calendar

For plants that are getting too tall, you can install a trellis netting to create an even canopy for better light distribution. Make sure to work the overgrown branches through the trellis net to maintain an even canopy.

By this point, your plant will have grown considerably compared to the growth that happened during the vegetative stage. Cannabis buds will begin to take shape. The plant will require the most amount of water. You can keep your soil damp but avoid overwatering.

During the last week of the flowering stage, you will be preparing for harvest. However, strain growth varies by genetics. Some strains may need longer to flower than others. Flowering can go up to 12 weeks or more, depending on genetics.

Week 1

During the final weeks of the vegetative stage, your plants will begin to get ready to enter the flowering stage. Male plants will develop pollen sacs between their nodes while female plants grow white pistils. Only female plants grow flower buds.

At this stage, you will be flushing the rest of the nutrients from your crop and preparing for the next crop. Generally, you will have about 1 to 2 weeks where you can choose to harvest your plants, depending on your preference. Check out our guide on the right time to harvest.

Week 4

During the first week of the vegetative stage, you will be allowing the cannabis plants to get acclimated to the light. If using multiple lights, use only about half of them and place them about twice the recommended distance (about 40 inches above your plants).

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When watering, allow the water to flow from the bottom, a tray can be used. Only water them when the water is completely gone. If necessary, you may spray your plants with water to keep the humidity up. Ideally, you will have started with pre-fertilized soil, so no additional fertilizer is necessary.

Marijuana grow calendar

Calendar developed by Kannabia Seed Company using as source the book “Lunario 2021. Calendario Lunar para el huerto y el jardín ecológicos, y para tu salud (Michel Gros)”.

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Our lunar calendar is a great guide to the best days for germinating, planting, pruning, and harvesting your plants, as well as telling you which days it´s better to stay in bed!

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