macrib seeds

True Lemon Gushers (FireOG/TK x Lemon Larry) x Gushers
Gushers S1 (gelato 41 x TK)
Gushnilla (wedding cake x gushers)
Fried Bread ( Fried Ice Cream(Topanga Canyon OG – Jungleboys cut x Sherbet) x Gushers)

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Missed out on Blushers, Gushers OG, and Water Gushers though. If I could replace the S1, nilla, and fried bread with these I would. Not that they wont be insane just not what I needed in the stable currently.


Gushers OG was a must have for me interest wise. I got two Fried Breads though. Maybe I can offer to trade them back to rado for them or something.

Macrib seeds

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Transcendence (Clearwater x Tiki Madman)

Clearwater Genetics

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