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We know what you’re thinking, “Why on earth would I want to buy marijuana seeds named after a famous killer?” Well, here’s your answer. Jack the Ripper marijuana seeds provide a happy and relaxing high that’s suitable for all occasions, whether it’s day or night. It’s virtually impossible to have a bad time with this sativa-dominant strain (70/30) in your system. Jack the Ripper carries all the signature sativa effects like energy, happiness, and creativity.

We know a name like Jack the Ripper doesn’t make a great first impression. However, this sativa-dominant strain provides a happy and relaxing high with THC levels around 20%. It can help combat pain, depression, and anxiety.


Users with depression or other mood-related issues often reach for Jack the Ripper. This strain is a natural mood-booster than can help distract negative thoughts and attract positive ones. It’s been used a medical strain to combat depression, anxiety, and stress. The initial buzz is energizing and clarifying, but it gradually fades into pure relaxation and serenity.

The biggest selling point of Jack the Ripper marijuana seeds are their 20% THC. Novice smokers might want to choose something milder and work they way up to this strain. The THC in Jack the Ripper can help manage pain, muscle tension, and seizures. The aroma of these marijuana plants blends pine, lemon, and various spices. It has a refreshing smell that feels like you’re walking in nature amongst the trees.