lsd weed grow

Lsd weed grow

Medicinal cannabis consumers use it for its purported analgesic properties. Users report feeling ‘elevated’ to the point where their pain is no longer noticeable. This strain rewards the user with a euphoric high, boosts mood, and may even inspire creative types.

LSD cannabis grows best if kept in a daytime temperature range of between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoor growers must be wary of heavy rainfall. If the dense buds are saturated, they could develop mold or powdery mildew. The latter is a fairly common disease that’s conspicuous on the buds and leaves of cannabis plants. However, you typically find it on the lower branches due to poor airflow, high humidity, and insufficient light exposure.

Tip #3 – Best Growing Techniques for LSD Cannabis

LSD is a strain that thrives on a moderate feeding schedule. It does best in an organic super soil, consisting of ingredients like worm castings and bat guano. These soil amendments contain different nutrients necessary for your LSD plants to grow.

Tip #6 – Should You Grow LSD Cannabis Indoors or Outdoors?

Wait until some of the trichomes have turned amber before harvesting. Cannabis cultivators differ in their opinion about the exact percentage of trichomes that should have turned amber before harvesting. Some say 25% is ideal, while others argue that you should wait until 70%. However, you mustn’t wait too long to harvest!

Lsd weed grow

At this point, if you are intrigued enough that you decide to try yourself some LSD cannabis – the blacklights and trippy posters are optional – then you can pick up a 1/8 th ounce at an offline dispensary for around $45-$50; wax or oil concentrates for dabbing and vaping run around $25-$30 for a half gram, and $50-60 for a full gram. LSD hybrid indica herb seems to be a predominantly West Coast strain, right now – but it probably will spread throughout the United States and Canada, and anywhere else it is legally available because it has such a potently uplifting high. You might be able to score some online as well, but internet base prices for weed tend to be a tad higher, and you have to factor in shipping charges as well. Both online and offline pot proprietors may charge local taxes on your purchases, so keep that in mind. We didn’t find any listings for medibles specifically made with LSD cannabis, but they may be out there, ask the budtender or weedsmith at your local provisioning center if they know of any – or maybe use the LSD leaf you buy to make some of your own hash butter, cannabutter brownies or weed cookies!

LSD Cannabis Strain Side Effects

You can pick up some LSD hybrid strain seeds online at web sites such as the original creator, Barney’s Farm for about $12 USD (10.50 euros) for a single seed pack, up to $92 USD (81 in euros) for 10 seed packs; I Love Growing Marijuana has them for $79 for 5 seed packs up to $179 for 20 seed packs. Of course, you can likely find LSD marijuana cloned plants at your local dispensary or cannabis nursery for around $40-$45 per plant; but call ahead and make sure they have them on hand before you drive or Uber over there.


(LSD dispensary weed and labeling, image from Bluntshots on Instagr

Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)


If you really enjoy tripping out on LSD ganja – or maybe just like how it takes the edge off your PTSD or chronic pain – and you have any kind of a green thumb, then you can always try your hand at planting and harvesting your own planter full, plot, small garden or field of this freaky flower! Barney’s Farm LSD cannabis grows well indoors or out, as long as it is kept 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-26 degrees Celcius), with plenty of sunlight but limited humidity – because the dense buds are prone to mold and mildew. Apparently, worm castings and bat guano are excellent fertilizers, so if you have a pet bat that’s probably handy – or likely you can buy these things at either cannabis or traditional nursery! LSD pot plants grow to between 5-6 feet (or about 2 meters) and flower at 7-8 weeks, budding in dense clusters of greenish-yellow and orange, with a nice high yield of about 600 grams (21.2oz) per square meter or yard outdoors, with the indoor yield being somewhat less.

Lack of Appetite 65%

Lsd weed grow

Grow difficulty: Easy

Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

Climate: Best if kept between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If grown outside, be mindful of rainfall as the buds become dense and prone to mold.

Grow techniques: A relatively easy strain to grow, LSD will produce heavy yields when left to grow on its own. To maximize its potential, top the plant and promote growth throughout. Prune the lower branches to focus the energy in the massive buds growing above.

Indoor/outdoor: Indoors and outdoors work equally well. Make sure the plant receives plenty of sunlight but limited humidity.

Yield: High

Strain overview: The LSD hybrid strain was created when Barneys Farm crossed an old Skunk #1 strain with Mazar. As you might expect from the name, LSD’s high is intensely euphoric, stemming from large, quick-growing buds.