loyalty seeds

60 seeds = $2
100 seeds = $4
200 seeds = $10


Store credit will come in the form of a discount code. There is no minimum spend, but it cannot be used together with any other discount code.


To show our appreciation for our loyal customers, you can now earn seeds as you shop and redeem store credit with seeds!

Purchases made during a sale will not be eligible for earning seeds. During a sale, our seeds program will be disabled but if you purchase any non-sale item during this period, we will manually award your seeds!

6. Celebrating a birthday? Enjoy 5000 True Loyalty Points as a birthday gift from True North Seed Bank. Just update your date of birth in your customer account and you will receive 5000 points every year on your birthday.

Referral points (points earned for orders of your referred friends) do not expire – you can use them whenever you feel like.

1. The first step in your journey to become a loyal True Northener is to register your customer account – this will earn you your first 1500 points.

Redeeming True Loyalty Points

There are a few ways to earn True Loyalty Points at True North Seed Bank.

Every 500 True Loyalty Points gives you CA$1 discount.

Earning True Loyalty Points

If you don’t redeem your points within 180 days, they will be unfortunately lost and you will not be able to use them for a discount. We’ll send you an e-mail notification 5 days before your points expire.

True Loyalty Points, except for referral points, expire in 180 days after they were earned.