lost my keys seeds

You must write them down this time, for they only show once, and the drive after that would be consumed by the magical key producing, cloud making magical fire.

Windows and even Linux installations can easily become corrupt when updating or loosing power, the above steps will work so long as it is a software issue causing it to no longer function; if it is a hardware issue then sending it to a true data recovery team will be your best bet.

Well I do, obviously. I'm not the chowderhead who lost his key.

When it tells you to make a backup of the keys, it really wasn't lying.

Most people say that this code can't be translated back to your seed, but a significant contingent (many who are anti-China) believe that Hpool is a scam and they have your key now or could unscramble it.

If you joined Hpool or some other pools in the early days, there was a program you'd throw your key into that kicked out a code.

When using hpool why would you not transfer your rewards to a key not associated with your plots… seems pretty to silly to not have that set up…

Seems like that would be common knowledge but yet here we are lol

I have recovered data from dozens of drives (many would not show up in windows disk manager) with the below method:

There is unfortunately nothing you can do to recover your wallet at this point,
The seed phrase is the only way to restore your account.

I am very shocked. After a crash on my computer, I lost my Seed Words file to access my MetaMask account. However, I found a Keystore file (UTC or json file), but when I import it into MetaMask I can not find my Ethereum. I’ll get another ETH adress and there is no ETH in my wallet.. How is this possible? And how do I get back into my old account without Seed Words, but with UTC keystore file? If this succeeds, it will make me very happy!

The Seed Words for accounts is the primary way to back up multiple accounts, Keystores are for individual accounts.

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