limesicle seeds

Limesicle seeds

These zesty and sweet homemade vegan tropical lime popsicles will be devoured by your kiddos and make you feel like a super hero (because they’re both healthy AND kid-approved!).

Make it vegan or use dairy

I don’t know about you, but that cold taste of a lime-flavoured popsicles brings back ALL of the sweet summer childhood memories. I ALWAYS chose the green one because I just loved that refreshing lime taste. Ok, sure, the ones we ate as kids were likely laced with added sugar galore and doused in artificial colour to make them extra enticing, but they sure tasted like summer didn’t they?

What I love about this recipe is that you get all of the same tastes and feels, but you can also feel really good as a parent because they’re packed FULL of nutrition and NO added sugar. Dietitian approved and kid-loved! Win win!

Limesicle seeds

Even holding the jar feels good, I could simply sit and fondle the soft texture of the lid and wide pan of the jar. Obviously, what’s inside is better. I pry the ornate barrier from the vault. The treasure I discover pours out recklessly. Serrated sweet lime seeps into my nostrils. A constant concrete pour with the firm viscosity of cake icing. The rigid sweetness churns and snakes its way through my veins. I feel the bloated candy fill every sense and orifice, effectively suffocating me with its decadent flavor.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where honesty, expertise, and good weed collide. I’m super stoked to revisit our friends, Coastal Cannabis, through this provocative strain. Today, we have Limesicle. My first thought was lime popsicle, sure thing! I am sure, however, that this cannabis will have a wealth of things to offer. I won’t even try to uncover the obscure lineage of Limesicle and simply attempt to appreciate what I have before me. Questioning the good things in life too thoroughly can often ruin them. While we are unsure of the parents, we know that Limesicle is proposed to be a blend of 80% sativa and 20% indica. In this production we are dancing with 21% THCA and just a drizzle of 1.1% CBD. I’m very impressed by anything over one percent CBD in the recreational market, but I am disappointed how the ‘3.6’ eighth was only 3.4 grams. I’m an indica man, but terpenes call the shots in every situation and I expect this to be a showstopper!

I am tempted to stir the pot via a snapped nugget or two. I am a fool! Torn foliage simply incites open rebellion and dangerously exacerbates the already formidable lime lance. The note blossoms to become exponentially fiercer, tarter, and derived of a wafting expanse. I found myself a prisoner before, I am now knocked down by the torrential engagement of this newfound citrine flood. At inconsistent intervals, trace kicks of pine will step in and emphasize the aroma to car air freshener quality. Whatever stage of storm that Limesicle brews, I am dazed by the delicious display.