lights needed for growing weed indoor

Lights needed for growing weed indoor

CFL Grow Lights

Pros of Fluorescents

Example of MH/HPS Setups That Yield 1-5 Ounces/Month

Lights needed for growing weed indoor

● They run extremely hot and consume a lot of power.

● You can use them in a small grow space.

HID Grow Lights – The Traditional, Energy Hungry Choice

● Low heat output means you can place them close to plants.

LED grow lights can also distribute a fuller light spectrum due to how the light is created through electroluminescence. This can result in a better, higher quality yield from your bud.

Metal Halide Grow Lights

HID grow lights, short for High-Intensity Discharge, are large light bulbs that emit a tremendous amount of heat and light. They usually require a full exhaust fan to remove the excess heat, and electricity consumption is enormous. Also, they generally need a decent amount of time and space to set up a properly working system.