license to grow medical weed

If you apply for a cultivation-only licence, your requirement would be to demonstrate supply to the holder of a medicinal cannabis production licence.


Please be aware that under the ND Act, the application fee is not refundable [Section 8E(4)].

Processing time

A medicinal cannabis cultivation or research permit (permit) specifies the amount, type and timing of crops grown under your medicinal cannabis cultivation or research licence (licence).

​No; the licensee must provide required agent ID cards to anyone transporting cannabis.​

​The Maryland regulations do not specify a minimum or maximum number of plants that a licensed grower must or may cultivate.​

​The Commission has announced the names of the 15 Pre-approved Growers, however, no actual final licenses to grow medical cannabis have been issued . ​ The pre-approved entities are currently working through Stage Two of the licensing process, which includes extensive background investigations and regulatory requirements. The Commissioners will vote for licensure in a public meeting once compliance with the regulatory requirements is complete.

Does a “secure transportation company” require a separate license from the State of Maryland?

A business may be registered to conduct business in the State of Maryland.  They may be either an out-of-state company which is establishing its Maryland existence, and its principal place of business may or may not be Maryland.  Alternatively, the business entity could be a “grass roots” company, meaning a business that was founded in Maryland and maintains its principal place of business in Maryland.  In either eventuality, a business entity may demonstrate its ability to conduct business in the State of Maryland by providing the following: 1) Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization; 2) Certificate of Status (also referred to as a Certificate of Good Standing); and 3) Identification of the Resident Agent.  ​

​Yes, parties or entities who wish to operate a growing and processing facility, as well as a dispensary, must submit separate license applications for each facility.  The Commission may award separate licenses for each operation.​

Some states provide that there is a maximum or minimum number of plants that can be grown by a licensed grower. What is the number for Maryland?

​A transportation agent is not required to hold a Maryland driver’s license.​

​The Commission will rely upon the zoning and planning approval issued by the local jurisdiction. The local jurisdiction will determine whether a zoning designation that permits agricultural production included production of medical cannabis. The applicant should take steps to assure that the local jurisdiction has interpreted its zoning code to mean that an agricultural production zoning designation includes production of medical cannabis. ​