license to grow medical weed in florida

License to grow medical weed in florida

Nowadays, you have two options when wanting to obtain a license to grow cannabis in Florida, and legal entities – MMTCs – is one route. You can apply for it online. Not only will this authorize you to grow cannabis, but to possess, sell, and transport cannabis products as well. So, if you want to grow in Florida, you can go this route of obtaining your licenses from the Florida Department of Health.

A Little Legal Background – FYI

Cannabis Growing in Florida

Before Applying for a Permit, Prepare…

To be a successful applicant, be sure to know and understand the rules outlined in this article. Once you’re a licensed cannabis grower in the state of Florida, you have certain ongoing responsibilities. These include regularly reporting your anticipated harvest dates and submitting samples for THC testing. Make sure you know and continue to comply with those requirements. Happy growing!

License to grow medical weed in florida

TALLAHASSEE — After years of sitting on the sidelines as the state’s cannabis industry soared, Black farmers will soon be able to vie for a highly sought-after medical marijuana license.

The state’s application process and awarding licenses in the past sparked litigation that dragged on for years. But an emergency rulemaking process used for the Black farmer license involves an expedited procedure for challenges, meaning the license potentially could be awarded within months.

“The department’s rule and application form appear to be very comprehensive and will take some time to fully digest,” medical-marijuana industry attorney Jim McKee told The News Service of Florida on Thursday. McKee predicted applications would be due within the next three to four months, unless the application is challenged.

License to grow medical weed in florida

Learn how to get a permit to process medical marijuana treatment center edibles in Florida. Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Medical Marijuana FAQ for Businesses

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