lemon truffles seeds

Lemon truffles seeds

This week’s plant-powered treat is a delicious version of my favourite truffles, this time flavoured with tangy lemon, tropical coconut and a hint of vanilla. They make wonderful snacks that little ones will love too. These truffles are a refreshing alternative to many fruit and nut based bliss ball recipes, which often include cacao. They’re also super simple to make with only a few ingredients which you can put together in less than 10 minutes. They’re the perfect treat to make with young ones as there are only a few steps and they can roll them themselves. Baking with kiddies doesn’t have to be all chocolate chip cookies and pancakes!

Lemons have are sour, astringent flavour and cooling thermal nature. They are very alkaline and are therefore one of the most beneficial fruits for those who eat high animal-protein/fat diet, which is very acidifying for the blood. They help the liver to function as well as cleanse the blood, especially the zest (all the more reason to use all three bits). Lemons are high in vitamin C with 53 mg per 100 grams, as much as an orange. They also have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, making them great for combating flus, colds, coughs and parasites – try a squeeze of juice and a little grated zest in a glass of hot water with a sliver of ginger and some coconut nectar or coconut sugar to sweeten.

I like to keep these truffles in the freezer as it makes them extra chewy and delicious. Confused as to whether you should keep truffles and bliss balls in the fridge or freezer? For my recipes, if they include some sort of liquid such as water via soaked nuts or lemon juice, then keep them in the freezer for a nice firm texture. If they don’t contain any water-based liquid and are just pure dried nuts and fruit, you can happily keep them in the fridge.

Lemon truffles seeds

Speaking of ingredients, here they are! The priciest thing here is the almond flour. But if it’s winter citrus season, a lemon goes for about 19 cents, so there is NO excuse not to treat yourself to these truffles. I’m a carb queen but I am ALSO a budget queen.

I ADORE these lemon truffles with every part of my soul. And that is because they are so easy, so quick and so incredibly lemony while also being juuust sweet enough to counteract any sour. Plus they are filled with ingredients that make me feel great, making them the perfect pick-me-up snack in the middle of the day.

And this is where I usually fill the article with tips and tricks on the method of the recipe, but for this one it’s just so insanely quick that I don’t know if I have any! Well…let me think about the specifics. Ok here’s a few:

And when I say 4 ingredients, I MEAN 4 ingredients (well, except for salt, but who is counting that?) This gluten free and vegan recipe is one-and-done with only a few pantry staples, making it the simplest snack you might whip up in your kitchen this week.

Also am I the only person who likes like small-bite snacks? Something you can grab when you’re craving something a little sweet but don’t want to “commit” to anything? I might sound crazy, but this recipe is perfect for those instances too!

And poppyseed should be relatively easy to find, I know a few grocery stores have it in the spice section or baking section. But if you can’t find it, no sweat, I’ve found replacing it with lemon zest works just as well, although you do get a slightly different look and flavor of course!

And still on the fence? Let me just vouch for this by saying that almond flour is the BEST ingredient ever. It keeps you so full, is jam packed with healthy fats and fiber, and is just overall the best snack. You can see how else I use it in another recipe here. Safe to say I am slightly obsessed.