lemon ice pucker seeds

Lemon ice pucker seeds

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Lemon Ice by Ripper Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain created from Lemon Haze x Afghani. This collision of opposites creates a unique strain with columnar bud structures that adapts well to “sea of green” growing methods. The strain is also known for its furry buds knotted with pistils and a spicy, citrus-forward aroma. Lemon Ice does have a longer than average flowering time of 75-85 days, but patient gardeners are rewarded with a more than generous yield. Ripper Seeds defines the effects as “bearable,” which translates to “mind your dosage” as strong sativa effects can be hard to handle for those prone to anxiety.

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Lemon Ice effects

Lemon ice pucker seeds

Sour patch: dude overcharges more than double for desirable packs, then blames the breeders for his prices. Come on here and puts users down for calling him out.

aka let the market dictate the price. If they dont ever sell for azillion dollars the breeder never made azillion dollars. just looks like the asshat for asking that high a price for beans. There was some other breeder who did that didnt really pan out the greatest, but hey they are still selling their other 100+ crosses so its all good

Other banks:
Bonza: sells beans they don’t have
Mws: seem legit most of the time, but I like breeders packs and they break them down if I remember correctly, even when you buy full packs.
Attitude: too many orders confiscated, shit freebies, no breeders packs, insanely expensive shipping, additional $15 on top of shipping to guarantee delivery. (May just be me but I think you should guarantee what you’re selling gets to your customers without charging them exorbitantly for shipping already and then adding another fairly large charge for insurance as well)

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James bean co: cc was down last two times I tried to order from them.

I’ve seen a couple people say his packs are sealed twice so I was just responding to that. As mine had 0 seal.


As of right now, there are very few seedbanks that take cc in the us. Glo is one of them. He also auctions $65 packs starting at $150, grows commercially but doesn’t smoke, and seems to be an all out greedy dude. So do I grab gear from him, yeah. Don’t trust the dude? No, he seems like a real pos.

Tdt: has taken 10 packs and broken then down and sold them as 5 packs. They didn’t notify anyone though and sold them for the same price.