lemon crumb seeds

Their Nutri Grain Lemon Crumb Cake with Poppy Seeds is a lovely addition to the snack food aisle; a light taste of lemon is paired with a hint of poppy seed for a relatively sophisticated, grown-up delight. The cake itself is sweet and crumbly, the kind of thing that will keep you busy searching for crumbs.

Most snack cakes tend to have big flavors to appeal to fast-food palates. But the gang at Kellogg’s must have realized that some of us also like a touch of refinement in our discretionary calories.

A 7-ounce package (five individually wrapped cakes) costs about $3.69 at grocery stores.

Lemon crumb seeds

The cheesecake recipes in Europe are quite different than in the USA.
In Europe we make the crust from shortcrust instead of digestive biscuits or graham crackers that you can’t even find here. The filling is made from a type quark or cottage cheese, but from what I hear it’s hard to find the same one in the USA.

I love both type of cheesecakes even though they are quite different, but each one has it’s own charm. The European ones are usually quite lighter and a bit tangier as the quark has lower fat content that cream cheese.

The ingredients you will need:

The next step is to cook the poppy seeds with the milk, sugar, cornstarch and egg yolk. At the end, gently incorporate the whipped egg white and spread over the prepared dough.

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Step-by-step of making the poppy seed cheesecake

This cheesecake will last at least 5 days in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer. Don’t leave the cheesecake outside of the fridge for too long.