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Led grow lights cannabis forum

I believe fully in the LEDs. I was skeptical, but I have some serious plant growth under a single 450w LED. My mothers (I had 4 in a 3×3 area) loved the light. I had to remove two of them because there was just too much growth. going on.

The better LEDs are now made to have effective light growing spectrum, and put out that light cheaper than just about anything else.

I would agree, that LED for home- hobbyist is a superior light in output vs cost of electricity. However, in the commercial aspect I have seen pictures in magazines of HPS and hybrid systems using HPS & LED. HPS would be (my opinion) a more desired light in massive grow rooms exceeding 12 feet wide or wider and very long. Nothing like 220 V for dealing with large industrial light concerns either.

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Put two of the mothers into the flowering tent and they are under a 900w LED and I simply can’t control the plants. I am going to have to make some serious changes next flowering because it’s going to get crazy in there.

I don’t think LED’s are in the same catagory as the others you mentioned. I think they are better. HPS are hot an cost a lot to run. LEd isn’t hot and cheaper to run. Here is the last sativa I did and it penetrated the whole bush.


But, as people are saying commercial side of things may be different, but I see a LOT of commercial growers here going to LED over HPS/MH simply because one light can do both, they last longer, and are essentially cheaper in the end when compared to buying replacement parts, bulbs, cooling fans, reflectors, etc.

I think it ultimately comes down to your processes and flower rotation. If you have that down, you can still produce as much as HPS/MH using multi stage veg/clone/flower processes. Every couple months here at home I am producing well over 1/2lb doing very minimal work. That’s with just two plants in each phase of my grow operation. 1/2lb might not be much for everyone else, but for me, it’s actually TOO much.

The hygrometer/thermometer is just to the right of the HPS wire in the middle 2gal pot if you can’t read it, it’s at 68.0F

(flowering autos on the left, vegging photos on right)


Quantum Boards are like expanded COB’s. They spread the chips out over larger boards expanding the coverage area. They do sacrifice penetration to some degree but they can be up to 25% more effective at converting energy into photons than COB’s. The exact efficacy of Quantum boards depends largely on how they are driven.


The Viparspectra is a nice enough light but it still uses the older Epiled/Bridgelux diodes and the truth is they just aren’t as efficient as an LED should be. The MarsHydro light looks to be using a Quantum board design but they don’t say what chips they are using so it’s probably a knockoff of the Samsung LM301B. If they were using the real thing they would let everyone know it.