le silver royale seeds

A popular recreational cannabis strain, Le Silver Royale definitely leans towards the sativa and has a THC concentration that falls around twenty to twenty one percent. Because of this, it has fast-acting effects, quickly bringing users to a place of positivity and giving them a boost of energy. This strain was created as a combination between Green Crack, Green Queen, and Super Silver Haze.

An instant boost of positive energy and productivity is what you can expect from Le Silver Royale, which many use as a replacement for their morning cup of joe!


Problems and stress will dissipate quickly after a few toks of Le Silver Royale, leaving a calm sensation in their places. This strain allows the mind to remain clear and some may find that they are able to stay quite productive and some people even use Le Silver Royale as a stand-in for their morning coffee. Muscles may feel relaxed but the mind and the body will retain energy.

Sufferers of stress may enjoy the positivity that Le Silver Royale brings almost immediately, and it can also be an effective way to combat depression and anxiety, as well as reducing pain.

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Le silver royale seeds

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