la affie seeds

La affie seeds

This mostly Indica plant grows short and compact but very branched, developing huge leaves with wide leaflets.

Thus, we have a bushy and fast flowering plant that is ripe after 55-60 days of bloom, yielding 400gr/m2 of hard and compact buds.

The branches are woody and chunky, so they can support the weight of the buds with no problem at the end of the bloom period.

Now available for you in Alchimia Grow Shop, LA Affie from The Cali Connection is the S1 generation of the OG LA Affie marijuana , an afghan plant selected in Los Angeles some years ago.

This plant is a true wonder for the eyes, developing dark colors that contrast with the thick layer of resin that covers its buds at the end of the flowering stage.

Even though OG LA Affie marijuana seeds are often marketed as a 100% indica, we have reason to believe that somewhere along the way, breeders introduced sativa genetics. It’s pretty rare to have a pure indica with the same stimulating cerebral effects as OG LA Affie.

With so much energy and creativity in your wheelhouse, you might worry that you’ll experience a crash (kind of like caffeine). We can assure you that the mental buzz of OG LA Affie also helps to clear your mind and declutter it.


As a fast-acting strain, users should prepare for a rush of euphoria straight away, mere seconds into the smoke. This rush typically makes users more creative, talkative, and mentally inspired. Need to brainstorm some ideas for a new project? Need to get the wheels in your head turning? OG LA Affie might just be the ideal strain for you!

Whoever said all weed makes us lazy has clearly never tried OG LA Affie marijuana seeds. This fast-acting indica-dominant hybrid sends a rush of euphoria to the brain, which often leads to elevated creativity and motivation. Now would be the perfect time to finish (or start) a project that you’ve been putting off.

OG LA Affie produces a clear-headed high that helps you focus, concentrate, and finish the task at hand. It’s highly possible that you’ll end the day feeling extremely accomplished and proud of yourself. Whoever said all weed makes us lazy has clearly never tried OG LA Affie marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank.