kali 47 seeds

Kali 47 is a cross between Kali Mist and AK47. It is a vigorous-growing sativa hybrid strain that produces good yields of buds with high levels of THC.

Kali 47 benefits enormously from the 9 years of acclimatisation that the Kali Mist mother underwent growing in the Mediterranean climate making it a stronger, more resistant plant for growing outdoors. Crossing it with an AK47 resulted in a cannabis train that is mostly sativa but with a much reduced flowering time. Indoor growers will raise smaller plants that stay between 60 – 85 cm. tall with a short period of vegetative growth. It will produce between 400 – 450 gr/m 2 in 55 – 60 days of flowering. Outdoor-grown plants will become rather taller at 200 – 300 cm. Yields will be markedly higher with harvest time being in mid-October north of the equator.

An ideal strain for the novice to begin growing as its ease, production and potency will be very encouraging. Kali 47 has a very sweet taste with profound notes of both fruit and caramel. THC levels have been accurately measured at 19% giving a powerful, long-lasting high.

– Altura: 70 – 90 cm
– Floración: 55 – 65 días
– Producción: 450 – 550 gr / m2

Vigorous sativa hybrid, with exquisite aroma and strong and lasting effects. Crossing of a selected Kali Mist, adapted to Mediterranean climate for over 9 years, x AK – 47. The result is a mostly sativa strain with a short flowering cycle and a satisfactory performance. Its flavour is very sweet with reminiscent of caramel and fruits. Its aroma is fresh and fruity. It’s easy to grow, ideal for beginners. It requires good care and appreciates well-controlled nutrition.

Kali Mist x AK 47. Vigorous sativa hybrid, with exquisite aroma and strong and lasting effects. Fresh and fruity aroma with touches of caramel. Flowering indoor: 55 – 65 days; harvest outdoors: mid-October. Indoor – outdoor.

– Altura: 2 / 3 metros
– Cosecha: mediados de Octubre´╗┐

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