jamba juice seeds

Escape into summer with Colada Fruit Refreshers that groove just like the song!

Give your heart some love with a scoop of whole chia seeds. They may be tiny but they’re big on fiber and contain 1200mg of ALA per serving.

First they brought you Bursting Boba to help take your smoothies and bowls to the next level, now Jamba Hawaii is back with an all new menu feature! This time, they’re going a bit more traditional by adding Tapioca Boba to the menu. That’s right — Tapioca Boba isn’t just for bubble tea anymore, and you can…

Bursting Boba At Jamba Hawaii JAMBA HAWAII is welcoming in 2021 with a bang — well, more of a POP! For the first time ever, JAMBA HAWAII is adding bursting boba on their menu! And not just any boba, they’ve got juicy bursting boba to add an extra bit of fruit punch to Jamba’s famous smoothies…


Wong to Help Jamba Launch New Fresh-squeezed Juices Line with Kick-off Event on Maui, January 13th

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Jamba juice seeds

No need for coffee with this pick-me-up feeling. Excellent to kickstart your morning or beat the afternoon slump.

Complete, high-quality protein that contains all nine essential amino acids.

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