items needed for growing weed indoors

Items needed for growing weed indoors

Again, this is especially true if you’re growing in a hydroponic system because of the potential swings in pH values.

Which is why in today’s post you will learn:

Classic example:

Well, here’s the deal:

10. Grow Tent

You can’t grow marijuana without seeds (unless you clone, but I assume that’s not an option for you at this time).

If you’re going to grow in soil and going for a 4ft x 4ft space with 1-5 plants, you can easily stay under $650. And your lights will be the main expense here.

In an outdoor grow, your marijuana plants will be larger and full of vigor, producing insane amounts of yield.

Growing Marijuana Indoors vs Outdoors

On the flipside:

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Items needed for growing weed indoors

If the mineral content is high, use nutrients that are made for hard water. If the water contains chlorine, you’ll have to let it sit for 24 hours before using it, to evaporate all the chlorine.

When it comes to the pot, I recommend fabric pots (aka smart pots). They are easier to use than plastic or ceramic and they lead to faster growth. You’ll want to start seedlings in a small container and can just use a regular plastic cup for this.

We are trying to maximize our yields, both in terms of size and in terms of potency.


Why are there so many things to think about and why do I need so much equipment?

Our recommendations for the best grow light timers will help. What’s nice is that they are all very inexpensive.

Container And Medium

Yes. Transporting seeds across state lines can potentially get you into legal trouble, thought the risks are very low. If caught, your seeds will likely only be confiscated. When they come from overseas, there is no real risk of prosecution and most seed banks conceal the seeds well, so they are unlikely to be found by customs anyway.

Once the plant has reached the desired size, keep it in that pot. Weed grows incredibly large, if you give it a large enough pot. For “normal” sized plants, you’ll want to end up in a 3 or a 5 gallon pot. Smart pots should be at least 5 gallons and always twice as large as regular pots.