is superthrive good for growing weed

Is superthrive good for growing weed

If you damaged the label or have not purchased the product yet, you can refer to the information found below to help you understand how to use SUPERthrive. The recommended feeding schedule for can be found below to help you understand the correct measurements of nutrients to use. The feeding schedule chart has been provided by Superthrive, the product manufacturer.

How to Use SUPERthrive

SUPERthrive is a non-toxic vitamin solution. It works directly on seeds and roots to create vigorous roots and robust plants. Professionals across the world, including landscapers, growers, turf and golf course supervisors use SUPERthrive to transplant trees, improve crop yield, and grow lush lawns as well as indoor and outdoor plants.

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Below you can find the recommended feeding chart provided by the nutrient company. To avoid hurting your plants, we recommend starting at a slightly reduced dosage and working up to the recommended dosage at a pace which you are comfortable with.

SUPERthrive Feeding Chart

Is superthrive good for growing weed

I feel like a total idiot.

Alright guys and girls and people that know more than me. I was told a long time ago superthrive had tricantinol in it and I was like hey lets use this stuffs it’ll be all good. My ppms were ok so I would throw a good 5 ml in each time I mixed my nutes 5 gals (captains recipe) as I had been given that advice for veg and 1st 5 weeks of flower. Got to researching it more and it seems superthrive is for the slowing of flowering. I knew this I had read it before but apparently that info just dripped outta my brain through the waterholes. So here I am 5 weeks into flower and not to happy with development which I had attributed to spider mites. Maybe it isn’t I am thinking now maybe its that stupid superthrive. (I was given several bottles is why I was so happy to use it) Anyway my questions are what should I do at this point just cut it and hope they recover extending my flowering period. Will they recover and bulk more or am a screwed at this point or have I fucked up badly? Or is this just normal development and I am just paranoid? That being said I have spray azamax twice in the last 2 weeks and oil soap about 3 weeks ago for mites. That is what has hurt the white pistils but my ladybugs needed some help.

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This grow has been fraught with problems mostly stemming from a deficiency in one plant that kept me in veg for way way way longer than I meant to and the plants got pretty big some huge and stretchy like. Now I feel like I have totally messed up again with that stupid superthrive which BTW does have the most awesome label in the world.

Also the image of the one leaf that is yellowing. Is that nutrient or light burn it has been happening more over on the side with the new lights but the other plants don’t seem to be to close. I thought maybe I was under or over watering but I have it in a fabric pot and don’t water until its lighter. Cant wait to harvest these and start out again correctly. This is my first time trying to do things right.

They were vegged and went through the first 4 weeks of flower under a 1200w (330w) and 900w (220w) phlizon which I moved around most days to try and get light to all the plants better. I got the 3000k 240w QBs a couple weeks ago I have 2 of them and the one large phlizon with the more natural spectrum still in there to get good coverage and mix spectrum some (the older one was super blurple compared to it the one I am using is still blurple as you can see but not to extremes like the older models, and took the 900 out.

If I ever want to use this additive again what is the proper use? For Veg and Flower? I still hear things about people using it in flower though which has kept me confused.

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